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[lang_nl]Video: het drama van Ivanchuk[/lang_nl][lang_en]Video: Ivanchuk's drama[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Van Dale geeft onder het lemma 'drama' zowel 'toneelstuk' als 'aangrijpende, droevige gebeurtenis'. Beide betekenissen passen bij Ivanchuks drama van ronde 4, door Macauley in beeld vastgelegd.[/lang_nl][lang_en]For "drama", the Oxford English Dictionary gives "a play" as well as "an exciting series of events". Both meanings fit Ivanchuk's drama from round 4, captured by Macauley.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Meer video's hier.[/lang_nl][lang_en]More videos here.[/lang_en]

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Daaim Shabazz's picture does a great service!

That video with Ivanchuk is classic. We've all been there. I could feel the emotion and empathized with Ivanchuk. I know adrenaline shot through him when he saw Rc4 played. I'm sure Ivanchuk has had his share of wins. I saw him torture someone at the 2006 Olympiad. When the guy resigned, he signed the papers, immediately darted off as if he had an appointment. I like the fact that he wear the Ukranian colors frequently.

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The word "sympathic" doesn't exist. Do you mean "likeable"?
Yes, Ivanchuk is a little crazy (not to fuel your fire, but there were some incidents in the past that were probably more convincing then the interview you mention). But thankfully that translates into a passion for chess and an ability to play tournament after tournament that no other elite player seems to have. That makes him likeable to most people, myself included.

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Time management is also a part of the game. Ivanchuk tried to outmaneuver Aronian in the beginning by spending much time. You can't blame Fortuna for that.

Felix's picture

I don't like Ivanchuk. I don't know him personally but I saw an interview with him where he spoke like a little child and somehow this guy seems to be absolutely crazy to me. He's a good chess player, but Aronian is in the same league and he's much more sympathic.

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Felix: Whoa, maybe wanna slow your roll a little bit? You say you saw him in an interview and he spoke like a little child. So is that enough to make him seem "absolutely crazy" to you, or where does the additional information which gives you that impression come from?

george's picture

that was bad luck... happens to all of those human species every once in a while! i hope chuky bounces back from this quickly.

Yandros's picture

Felix, i ve been with Ivanchuk one time and i can say he is very sympathic. He never ignore a fan request, even one time he agreed to play blizt game aganist a child after a elite tournament game only because the child asked for it. Its true that Aronian plays in the same league and he is very sympathetic too and of course more "human" but is that enough to say you dont like Ivanchuk, even when you admit not to know him? He is a very strange person but he is nice.

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I allways feel sorry of people who blunder.

xtra's picture

yes, funny comment. Ivanchuk seems like one of the most likeable persons in the chess world. im curious about that interview, I take it it was in english? he speaks it but obviously it is not his best way to communicate, so its not that great to judge him on basis of an interview in english. have a talk with him in ukrainian and see what you think of him afterwards. :p

Felix's picture

I agree that my comment may be not the most rational one, since, as I said, I don't know Ivanchuk personally. So it would be stupid to really defend my judgement ;)
I can't find the interview anymore (yes, it was in English), but for me he also looks quite strange, so it's basically a "feeling" that makes him not that sympathic for me. You can call this quite stupid, but this is what I think :)
As you know, the first impression is quite important for us human beings ;)

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Excellent videos. from Morelia.
I enjoy the tournament much more because of these videos.

Scott's picture

The words "sympathetic" and "likeable" both exist... they just mean different things. Sympathetic usually is used to refer to characters in novels with whom, though they may have faults, the reader still identifies in some way. I think we all know what Felix was trying to say.
I find both players quite likable from what I've seen. I think I would describe Ivanchuk as "intense". And this is not so abnormal a feature in a highly competitive field. I like him quite a bit for this very quality. But, yes Aronian is likable, and personable in a way that Ivanchuk (or "Chucky", as Larry Christiansen called him on ICC) is perhaps not.

JAMAL's picture

Its very difficult to be in elite play,all eyes around you,and in time trouble!
I blundered several games till now, and believe me, it hurts!
I dont wana be in Ivanchuk?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s shoes for sure!

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