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[lang_nl]Video's ronde 9[/lang_nl][lang_en]Videos round 9[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]De blunder van Shirov, Ivanchuk opnieuw in gevecht met de klok, Radjabov over het toreneindspel tegen Topalov... Veel plezier met de video's van de negende ronde![/lang_nl][lang_en]Shirov's blunder, Ivanchuk vs the clock, Radjabov on his rook ending against Topalov... Have fun with the videos of the ninth round![/lang_en]





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jonas vitaud's picture

Great connection between music and images in the Shirov blunder !
Which violin concerto is it ? I think it is Paganini , but I'm not sure...

jussu's picture

This is sad. We have seen enough blunders for a blitz tournament; is there something wrong off the board or what... Weather? A carnival on the streets? Sewer accident?

Vosuram's picture

You see, my favorite guy (in this particular tournament) can speak! Well.. by the quality (not results) of his games he's well above of most of "the others" here... but Anand.

Lajos Arpad's picture

Shirov is luckless. He is brilliant in most of his games, but sometimes(espessially in critical games) he blunders, or just has no luck:
1998: He beats Kramnik in a match, but Kasparov decides not to play him for the World Championship.
2000: In the FIDE knock out World Championship he beats one GM after the other, but in the final he loses 3 games and draws one.
2007: FIDE World Cup: He didn't lose a single game until the final.

Robert's picture

CV rocks! Cool video's again.

arne's picture

Truly heart-breaking images of the Shirov blunder... it's so sad, cruel and unjust, and at the same time immensely fascinating and, in a way, comforting for us patzers. Terrible, but great drama!

Vladja's picture

The violin concerto is great background music!
I had a good laugh ;-)

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