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[lang_nl]Viswanathan Anand wereldkampioen[/lang_nl][lang_en]Viswanathan Anand World Champion[/lang_en]

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Author: Peter Doggers

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Good for chess, Anand worldchampion!

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congrats to anand, and many thanks to chessvibes for excellent converage and interesting interviews.

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Congratulations to Vishy!!
You deserved the best. Go ahead! we will see in 2008 during Karmnik match.

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Congratulations !!!!!

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True winner! He can crush Kramnik with his killer instincts in the next encounter... Congrats Anand! and keep it up.

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Congratulations to Anand on a well deserved victory and many thanks to Chessvibes for excellent coverage!

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Congrats Anand, a very well deserved victory indeed!!!! Good luck for all your future ventures.

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Very good coverage - I am impressed by the professionalism displayed and all interviews.
*Excellent* job.
Thank You

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a deserved champion. compared to him (and with the exception of Gelfand) the others played an average tournament. Let's just hope that Kramnik will have more 'cojones' in the upcoming revenge match.
Congratulations to Vishy.

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Nice win by Vishy. He had many near misses:
- Kasparov-Anand 1995
- Karpov-Anand 1998
- Anand-Shirov 2001 (Ok, he became F.I.D.E. world champ, but Kramnik's title was more pretigious)
- San Luis 2005 (second place with Svidler)
And many many candidates matches and knock out misses. After all the suffering a well deserved victory. Although he won this tournament in the sole lead and has more ?ɬ©l?ɬ¥ points than Kramnik, i think the Anand-Kramnik match will be an upset for those who are rooting for Anand ;)
My girlfriend said, that Anand maybe deserved the victory, she was rooting for L?ɬ©k?ɬ?, like me :)

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We have been witness of a World Championship of unique Chess, in which the technology of internet for first time is used in a such way that we all have access to the matches of these magnificent players, and the later analyses of chess personalities and we contemplate with pleasure, passion and in occasions disillusion how our favorite player fell defeated...

Happiness Teacher Anand, you are a worthy representative of the Chess at world level, I wish you the best in yopur match against Kramnik, it will be a show for all the fans of this nobleman game.

Greetings from Michoac?ɬ°n, Mexico, and I hope to see you in Linares 2008!!!

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Congrats dear Anand for bringing glory to India and Indian Chess.Surely new kids will flock to Chess . Best wishes for your return match with Kramnic

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