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[lang_nl]Wat zou je willen vragen aan Anatoli Karpov?[/lang_nl][lang_en]What would you like to ask Anatoly Karpov?[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Deze week is de twaalfde wereldkampioen schaken, Anatoli Jevgenjevitsj Karpov, in ons land, voor onder meer een simultaan. Karpov, die tien jaar lang 's werelds beste was en meer toernooien won dan wie dan ook, schaakt niet veel meer maar is nog altijd een van de Groten der Aarde. Chessvibes heeft een voorlopige afspraak gemaakt met hem voor een interview op woensdag 31 januari (die hij vanavond pas kan bevestigen). We zijn van plan om hem vragen voor te leggen die jullie, het Chessvibes-lezerspubliek, hebben bedacht!

Update: het interview met dhr. Karpov is bevestigd en vindt morgen plaats![/lang_nl][lang_en]This week, the 12th world champion of chess, Anatoly Yevgenyevich Karpov, is in Holland. Karpov, who was the best chess player for ten years and who has won more tournaments than anybody else, doesn't play chess very often anymore, but he's still one of the Greats on Earth. Chessvibes has planned a provisional interview with Karpov, on Wednesday, January 31st (which he can't confirm before tonight). We're planning to ask him questions that are put forward by you, the Chessvibes audience!

Update: the interview with Mr Karpov has been confirmed, and will take place tomorrow![/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Wat zou je willen vragen aan Anatoli Karpov? Vul je vraag hieronder in als reactie. Wij verzamelen de beste vragen en stellen ze aan dhr. Karpov!

Update: Dank voor alle vragen! De mogelijkheid tot reageren is gesloten.[/lang_nl][lang_en]What would you like to ask Anatoli Karpov? Fill in your question down here as a comment. We'll collect the best questions and ask them to Mr Karpov!

Update: Thank you for all the questions! We've now closed the option to comment.[/lang_en]


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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


glenn's picture

What's the best game he ever played?

Bill Hammer's picture

In My Best Games (1978 RHM PRess) you spoke fondly of returning to your stamp collection after winning the World Championship. Is it still important to you?

korovjov's picture

Possibilities in chess at the top of the mountain seem to arrive to their end due to incredible development of computer programs, over-20-move home prepared variations and extremely high drawing rates. Do you cultivate Chess960 as an alternative solution?

Yuri's picture

How did you get your nickname 'Tolja'?

arne's picture

If you had to do your chess career over again, what would you do differently?

F.Kling's picture

Which chess engine(s) does he use? And why not Fritz if he uses Rybka (or why not Rybka if he uses Fritz or an other engine)?

Norwegian's picture

Hi Karpov!

What is your best advise to people like me, who play chess just for fun? Any short-cuts to improve one's strenght?

Bartleby's picture

Do you still work to improve your chess skills?

Harrie Nak's picture

We hebben de gewoonte om bij het beginnen van de partij elkaar een hand te geven.
Op veel foto`s is te zien dat schakers wel eens een vinger in de neus hebben.
Ook de schaakstukken kunnen bedekt zijn met vunzigheden.

Heeft u wel eens overwogen beschermende handschoenen aan te doen?

Hatsekidosie's picture

- How do you intimidate your opponant?
- Who does your haircut?
- Why are so many chess players paranoid?
- Is the world championship as valuable as it used to be?
- If you yourself were a chess piece, which would you be? (King, knight, queen...)

Frank van Tellingen's picture

Suppose you had the chance to play a match with Fischer on island. Would you be interested in such an event?

Mindaugas Genutis's picture

What is your opinion about black's chances of playing for a win? How difficult it is if black really needs a point?

Frank Str?ɬ§ter's picture

Which of the current top-players do you like the most as a chessplayer? Do you see any similarities in their approach compared to your own brand of play?

malaysian's picture

why dont you just accept fischer demand for the world championship title?

Niels van der Mark's picture

Wat is Karpov zijn visie op het hele (toilet)gebeuren rondom de match Kramnik-Topalov. Ook zijn matches met Korchnoi waren doorspekt met parano?ɬØde beschuldigingen. Hoort dat gewoon bij het schaken?

Dimitar Panayotov's picture

What do you think about the Petrof defence at high
level chess is if always draw? And with that respect what is the future of the e4 openinigs

forest's picture

What do you actually do in the last years?
Do you have any contact at all with Kasparov and or Korchnoi?

mehlman's picture

Do you think with the current superiority of computers, there is a healthy future for positional and intuitive chess players and chess analysis, or do you think it will be all about tactis in the end?

Michael Starr's picture

If you had played a 24-game match against Fischer in 1975, what do you think the final score would have been?

Hatsekidosie's picture

(to follow up on Van Tellingen)
Suppose you had the chance to play a match with Fischer on island. Which island?

Hatsekidosie's picture

And may I suggest Iceland?

Hatsekidosie's picture

or Terschelling?

lawrence's picture

Which format does he think is the best way to decide the world championship? Should Kramnik play in Mexico and place his title on the line in a round robin event?

Tom Chivers's picture

What's your view of the current state of Russian politics, and Kasparov's role within that?

Pearse O'Brien's picture

Hi Anatoly, as a great chess and music lover, I would like to know what kind of music you like to listen too or your favorite musical artist?

Take Care & Good Luck In Everything!

Ben van Vlierden's picture

Last year you put up your candidacy for FIDE-president, and uttered severe criticism (to say the least) about the way Ilyumzinov had been running FIDE. Eventually you withdrew as a candidate and gave your support to this same Ilyumzinov. What made you change your mind?

Venkatesh's picture

What do you think about Vishwanathan Anand? Will he win the World Championship, Mexico?

Bruno Jelic's picture

Ik vind Karpov een oninteressante
oud Russische kommunistiese aparcik manetje en ik vind klote voor tijd welke hij
krijgt op deze uitstekende schaak pagina.
Daroom zou ik die man niks vragen.
Maar ik vraag redakcie zou zij kunnen maken
een interview met de beste schaaker alle tijden
Gari Kasparov.! ! !

Hatsekidosie's picture

En wat zou Karpov vinden van Bruno Jelic? Lijkt me ook een erg interessante vraag.

Arjon's picture

What do you think about drawoffers on move 15 in important tournaments?

kleo's picture

Who do you consider as the best player of all times?

Philip's picture

Do you prefer d4 or e4 openings?

Ralph Johnson's picture

Which stamp in your collection is your favorite? Which chess relate stamp is your favorite?

ivan's picture

Do you still think Topalov doesn't understand chess?

A couple of years ago you said Kasparov is not a happy person. What do you think it is that makes Kasparov an unhappy person?

Juan Reynaldo's picture

Hi! We have heard of your encounters with Kasparov and that the relationship between you two has not been the best. Anyway, i saw you giving Kasparov a chess board as a gift in the Russian chess tournament 2005. Are you friends, at least talk to each other, or do not have any kind of contact?
2) What do you think of Kasparov?Ǭ¥s political activities? Would you vote for him? :)

Lou's picture

zijn politiek en schaak nog steeds zo verstrengeld als in de jaren voor 1990?
en is het schaak na de val van het communisme erop vooruit gegaan?

Jason Sowers's picture

Radjabov and Aronian shared equal first with Topalov (who has been showing impressive form in recent tournies) in Wijk aan Zee. These are the "elders" of a new generation of chess professionals and I'd be greatful for your opinion on the subject; Which of them are you most impressed with?

Zohayr's picture

Hi Karpov,
You are my favourite player for ever. In your daily life, do you practice religion and what is it? Are you interesting in spirituality ?
Thank you very much !

vladislav, fank's picture

what do you think of anand, and why do you think he's not been a world champion despite being one of the best players ever, what do you suggest to him in order to be world champion ? sorry if the question doesnt look relevent but this one of those questions which one always wonders about.

iceberg's picture

hi karpov,

who do you think, in your humble opinion, would be the next world champion in this classical line of legends?

leeloo's picture

Which player has, to you, been the toughest to play against in your professional career?

What do you think of the increasing amount of drawn games in tournaments?

Eric's picture

What is the craziest non-chess thought you ever had during a game?

Tom M's picture

Which ''draw rule'' do you think that is the best: after 20, 30 moves, no draw at all or do you think that it should be allowed anytime?

centercounter's picture

During the Korchnoi matches, did the punishments inflicted upon Petrosian, Taimanov, and Spassky for losing to Fischer intimidate you against speaking up to have Korchnoi's family released or against the clearly unethical use of Professor Zukhar for no other purpose than to play mind games against Korchnoi's paranoia?

Eduardo's picture

Do you have children? If so do they play chess? If so how strong are they?

Bno's picture

Could you describe what a "Karpovian move" is?

SonOfPearl's picture

Do you think computer cheating in chess events is a problem, and what do you think should be done to prevent it happening?

Tim Cutler's picture

Do you miss playing full-time chess? Do you have any ambitions left as a chessplayer? We miss seeing you at the board!

Reha's picture

I think so at least,You won all games which you have a concrete plan and intuitive understanding about a game when u r best active player in the world.If this is true,do you have lesser forcing
initiative feelings now ?

Martien's picture

Why do you no more play on toplevel?

How can we teach children chess the best way?


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