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[lang_nl]Wekelijkse eindspelstudie (32)[/lang_nl][lang_en]Weekly Endgame Study (32)[/lang_en]

Yochanan Afek[lang_nl]Elke zaterdag publiceren we op ChessVibes een eindspelstudie, geselecteerd door Yochanan Afek: speler, trainer, eindspelcomponist en schrijver. Een week later wordt de oplossing gepubliceerd.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Every Saturday an endgame study is published at ChessVibes, selected by Yochanan Afek: player, trainer, endgame study composer and writer. A week later the solution is published.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Korolkov, V.
1e prijs, 1951

Wit aan zet wint

Volgende week de oplossing.

Oplossing vorige week:

[/lang_nl][lang_en]Korolokov, V.
1st Prize, 1951

White to play and win

Next week the solution.

Solution last week:


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Author: Yochanan Afek

IM Yochanan Afek is a chess player, trainer, endgame study composer and writer. His complete selection of studies can be found here.


Felix's picture

I don't think this makes a big difference :)

Anyway, nice study, Kc1-d2-e3-f4-g5-h6 looks nice :)

Felix's picture

1.f7 Ra6 2.Ba3 Rxa3 3.Kb2 and now
1)3...Ra2+ 4.Kc3 Rc2+ 5.Kd4 (Kb4 Rb2 seems to be = because black can give checks on a2,b2 and c2, if the king goes on the d file the black rook will give a check on d2 and go to d8, if the king comes on the 7th rank, black plays Rb7 ) 5...Rd2+ followed by Rd8... =

2a) 3..Ra2+ 4.Kc1 Rc2+ 5.Kd1
2b) 3..Ra2+ 4.Kc1 Ra1+ 5.Kd2 (now there's no Rd1+) Ra2+ 6.Ke3 Ra3+ 7.Kf4 Ra4+ 8.Kg5 Rg4+ 9.Kh6 Rg8 10. Ne7 and now either fxgR# or Ng6#.

Felix's picture

Yes, I also did it and noone complained :)

My try:
a)1...Ra6 2.Ba3
b)1...Rg8 2.fxg Kxg8 3. Ne7+
c)1...Rf6 2.Bb2

I also want to say something about last week's study:
Do you really think any human can solve this? :)

Lajos Arpad's picture

I think i've got the solution. Can i write it here?

Lajos Arpad's picture

Ok, these are correct, but Felix, i think your b) point could be improved: 1.f7 Rg8 2.Bb7+ Kh7 3.fxg8Q+, because the bishop would be now on the a1-h8 diagonal and it would have more options. I agree with the other variations.

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