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[lang_nl]Wekelijkse eindspelstudie (37)[/lang_nl][lang_en]Weekly Endgame Study (37)[/lang_en]

Yochanan Afek[lang_nl]Deze 'wekelijkse' eindspelstudie had al op 15 september gepubliceerd moeten worden maar vanwege drukke tijden van de hoofdredacteur is er helaas wat vertraging opgetreden. De studie is als altijd geselecteerd door Yochanan Afek: speler, trainer, eindspelcomponist en schrijver. Zaterdag wordt als het goed is de oplossing en de nieuwe studie gepubliceerd.[/lang_nl][lang_en]This "weekly" endgame study should have been published already on September 15th, but because of the editor-in-chief's busy times unfortunately there's has been a delay. As always, the study is selected by Yochanan Afek: player, trainer, endgame study composer and writer. The plan is to publish solution and the new study next this Saturday.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Mattison, H.
1e-2e prijs, 1927

Wit aan zet houdt remise

Zaterdag week de oplossing.

Oplossing vorige week keer:

[/lang_nl][lang_en] Mattison, H.
1st/2nd prize, 1927

White to play and draw

Saturday the solution.

Solution last week time:


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Author: Yochanan Afek

IM Yochanan Afek is a chess player, trainer, endgame study composer and writer. His complete selection of studies can be found here.


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I found! 1.Kd2!
1... Nc3?! 2.Rd3! +- but,
1... Nc1!? 2.Rb5+ Ka2 3.Ra5+ Kb3 4.Rf5! and coming Rf2-Rxe2.Black playing 4... Bd6! If white immediately play 5.Rf2?? Bb4 and go to Queen 5... e1=Q -+ But white such wrong play!Correct in that manner be... 5.Rf3+!Now black king run away ! 5... Ka4 6.Re2 And idea known 7.Rxe2 And elephant you frighten permission give! 6... Bf4 And house happy turn ! Because 7.Ke1!! Bxe3 stalem!

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I've got 1.Kd2 Bg3 2. Kxe2 Nc3+ 3.Kf3! and a draw can be made wherever the Bishop decides to go. Then when I was sure it was winning, I checked with Fritz who says that Nc1 is holding on for a black win; I cannot find a way to draw for white after 1...Nc1. I assume my variation is the one he wants, unless someone can find the draw after Nc1 - which I can't do :'(.

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