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[lang_nl]Wekelijkse eindspelstudie (7)[/lang_nl][lang_en]Weekly Endgame Study (7)[/lang_en]

Yochanan Afek[lang_nl]Elke zaterdag publiceren we op Chessvibes een eindspelstudie, geselecteerd door Yochanan Afek: speler, trainer, eindspelcomponist en schrijver. Een week later wordt de oplossing gepubliceerd.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Every Saturday an endgame study is published at Chessvibes, selected by Yochanan Afek: player, trainer, endgame study composer and writer. A week later the solution is published.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]S. Kozlowski

Wit aan zet houdt remise

Volgende week de oplossing.

Oplossing vorige week:

[/lang_nl][lang_en] S. Kozlowski

White to play and draw

Next week the solution.

Solution last week:


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Author: Yochanan Afek

IM Yochanan Afek is a chess player, trainer, endgame study composer and writer. His complete selection of studies can be found here.


Tom Chivers's picture

I'm ready to be stunned - because this one looks dead, very dead drawn to me. Are you sure the diagram is right?

Tom Chivers's picture

Wait. I think the diagram is right, but the caption should read 'White draws'? One particular draw is study-like. The win seems . . . impossible.

peter's picture

You are right, Tom! I changed it and will tell Yochanan about the mistake.

Alberto's picture

yep black locks up completely...or so I thought.

Alberto's picture

Nope that doens't work either. I think it's got soething to do aout repitions or something. This is hard one

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