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[lang_nl]World Cup (3): weer remise, 2-1 Kamsky[/lang_nl][lang_en]World Cup (3): another draw, 2-1 Kamsky[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]In de derde partij in de World Cup-finale heeft Kamsky met zwart weer Shirov op remise weten te houden. Shirov ontweek Kamsky's Breyer met 9.d4 en een vrij oude variant kwam op het bord, waarin wit wel degelijk voordeel bereikte. Maar juist vanaf dat moment begon Kamsky weer geweldig te verdedigen, en hoewel wit een pion won, was een eventuele winst nergens echt duidelijk.[/lang_nl][lang_en]In the third game of the World Cup Final, Kamsky again managed to draw against Shirov with Black. Shirov avoided Kamsky's Breyer with 9.d4 and an old line came onto the board, in which White clearly got an advantage. But right from that moment Kamsky started to show excellent defence, and although White won a pawn, it was never clear if he could win somewhere.[/lang_en]




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It was amazing to read about your article about the boy who was woken up to play a game that was declared drawn earlier. I hope some action is taken soon and also a permanent rule to check such future occurances. Thank you for bringing it to the notice of the chess community.

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Partidas comentadas en castellano en mi web

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Tomorow will win the horse or lose the saddle!
It will be a final great game.
Will we have a transmission here?

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