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Legends meet: Korchnoi beats Hort 5.5-2.5

Korchnoi-HortA match between Viktor Korchnoi and Vlasimil Hort held in Stara Vraz, Czech Republic last week ended in a 5.5-2.5 victory for Korchnoi. The two legends first drew all four classical games, but then Korchnoi got it going with three wins in a row in the rapids, to end with another draw.

The match between the legendary grandmasters Viktor Korchnoi (79) and Vlastimil Hort (66) took place October 9-15 at the Lazne Hotel Vraz in Stara Vraz, a spa resort about 90 km south of Prague.


The Lazne Hotel Vraz in Stara Vraz

The two played four classical games from October 9 till 12, and four rapid games on October 14 and 15. The four classical games were all quite friendly draws. But then the oldest of the two, Viktor Korchnoi (who will celebrate his 80th birthday next year), won the first three rapid games in a row, and then held the famous rook ending with f- and h-pawn to a draw in the last game.

Game viewer

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Two old friends meet again...


...79-year-old Viktor Korchnoi...


...and 66-year-old Vlastimil Hort


The two wives came along...

Korchnoi-Hort enjoy an artistic setting

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john's picture

two legends indeed. great stuff

khajoee's picture

its very poudly.

christos (greece)'s picture

By the way, the book "The Best Move" by Vlastimil Hort and Vlastimil Jansa is in my opinion an excellent book, though very hard to find these days it seems.

pete's picture

damn, Korchnoi is 13 years older than Hort and still beat him convincingly. The guy is amazing

Jan's picture

Korchnoi might be a grumpy fella at times...but for his age...he's amazing. Gotta love it!

redwhitechess's picture

was that Hort smoking a pipe or cigaretter in the photos???

sundararajan ganesan's picture

players like korchnoi and hort are great source of inspiration to the younger generations!

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