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Morozevich finishes Governor's Cup in style, back in the top 10

Morozevich finishes Governor's Cup in style, back in the top 10

Alexander Morozevich finished the Governer's Cup in Saratov, Russia in style. His tournament victory was already certain when Evgeny Tomashevsky drew in the last round, but Morozevich defeated Michael Roiz to set his final score at 8.5/11. In the live ratings he's back among the world's ten highest rated players.

Event Governor's Cup | PGN via TWIC
Dates October 7th-20th, 2011
Location Saratov, Russia
System 10-player round robin
Players Tomashevsky, Andreikin, Alekseev, Morozevich, Vitiugov, Ponomariov, Moiseenko, Eljanov, Shirov, Ni Hua, Leko, Roiz
Rate of play

90 minutes for the first 40 moves and then 30 minutes to finish the game, with 30 seconds increment from move 1

The first Governor's Cup was another huge success for Alexander Morozevich, who already played so well in his previous tournaments this summer. His expected comeback into the world's elite was realized even faster than his biggest fans could hope for, because in the current live ratings the Russian GM is already back into the top 10.

Only a few months ago, in the rating list of July, Morozevich was still rated 2694 and ranked 48th in the world. But course we all knew this was way below his real level, as in July 2008 he was still the world's number two, behind Vishy Anand. In our recent interview in Biel the Russian said he'd have a very tough schedule to deal with, but thus far things went fine!

Already after six rounds in Saratov it was clear that 'Moro' was again in excellent shape, as we noted in our first report. Amazingly, the next round he extended his lead to a full two points, as he was again the only winner of the day, beating Alekseev from a slightly better ending.

PGN string

In round 8 it was Tomashevsky's turn to be the only winner, and so he decreased his distance to the tournament leader to 1.5 points.

PGN string

The game between Morozevich and Tomashevsky in round 9 was drawn, and Morozevich also drew in round 10, with Ponomariov. Tomashevsky kept the tournament exciting until the last round as he beat Eljanov, to get to one point behind Morozevich.

PGN string

As Tomashevsky drew with Shirov in the last round, Morozevich was secured of sole first place. However, he had reached a better ending against Roiz and saw no reason to offer a draw.

PGN string

Quite amazingly, Alexei Shirov, known for his creative chess, drew all eleven games in Saratov. This might well have been the first time that this happened to the Latvian. However, it seems it was just a coincidence since more or less all of the games were interesting fights. Another player we'll mention is Peter Leko, who scored an undefeated +2. He also seems to be back on track. It must be said that one of his wins was by default against Nikita Vitiugov, who had to withdraw from the tournament after round 9 due to illness.

Governor's Cup (Saratov) 2011 | Round 11 (Final) Standings


Morozevich receives the Governor's Cup from Pavel Ipatov, the Governor of Saratov


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Glenn dela Torre's picture

Nice Moro, thanks, I'm inspired again

KingTal's picture

Morozevich showed excellent endgame technique, making wins out of drawing seeming positions, only strange that he slipped a few winning chances in the Shirov game, hard to imagine how he could manage that in that form.

Btw wouldn´t it be better to mark forfeited games as + and - instead of numbers, so that people who didn´t follow the tournament would know that this games weren´t played?

Tarjei's picture

You are correct, that is the normal procedure and should be done here

Tarjei's picture

Leko actually only had +1, as one point against a sick Vitiugov was a bye. Still a good result though.

bhabatosh's picture

wow ............
congrats Moro ....

christos's picture

Morozevich had doubled b-pawns, then he undoubled them, then he doubled them again ... I don't think I understand anything from this game (and the way he plays in general)

charley's picture

The main idea of getting the pawn to b6 is the permanent threat of Bxa6 (and later Bxc6), which paralizes Black's pieces.


Congrats Morozevich..! :)

redivivo's picture

Morozevich is having a good year, +6 in a tournament with 2700+ average Elo, second behind Carlsen in Biel, second in the Russian Superfinal ahead of Karjakin, Kramnik and Grischuk (after having been clear first in the strong qualification event).

Peperozi's picture

Moro,i really was happy for ur comeback. Not just for winning d Governor's cup but at d top ten where u belong. U really inspire me. Also thanks for reviving d CHIGORIN. See u at d top

karban's picture

It's a pity that Moro doesn't play in top tournaments this year. He plays probably best chess this year I guess that his performance is even better than Carlsen's. Hopefully, next year he will be invitate and He will maintain the level.

victorhdiaz's picture

King Moro!!

jk's picture

Moro ' I love You !!!!

Thomas's picture

Plenty of deserved praise for Morozevich. But as often the second-place finisher is wrongly ignored, at least in the comments (Moro himself suffered a bit from it in Biel). Tomashevsky's +3 score, TPR 2804, would "normally" have been sufficient for at least shared first place. In this and previous events he gained 30 rating points to climb to #15 on the live list, ahead of his more well-known or established countrymen Nepomniachtchi and Jakovenko. Will he get a supertournament invitation next year?

adam's picture

congrats to moro, hope to see him more again!
and i have to agree with thomas--tomashevsky has been rather ignored despite his continuous rise in the rankings and playing strength; hopefully, some organizers will give him chances to confirm this

redwhitechess's picture

great! morozevich, seirawan and... Matthew Saddler a "comeback" to chess!
and don't forget this week sensational Zhao Xue

Nima's picture

I hope Moro keeps this form until the next WC cycle. Ivanchuk is already in. What a great qualification tournament it could be if Moro plays as well.

ebutaljib's picture

You mixed something up. Ivanchuk is in the 2011-2013/14 cycle, while Morozevich chances of featuring in this cycle are slim to none - either the organizers of the Candidates tournament give him a wildcard (for that the Candidates would surely have to be in Russia and even then it is not certain that he will be the one who gets the wildcard - Russians have plenty players to choose from), or he must be rated somewhere 2900 on January 2012 rating list. So it looks like he will have to wait for the next cycle 2013-2016.

By the way, the last act of the 2008-2012 cycle hasn't been played yet, so techincally there are still two cycles that are currently ongoing.

ebutaljib's picture

Also you are forgeting that Morozevich was in the 2011-2013/14 cycle and was eliminated from it. Better said he eliminated himself in the 2011 World Cup when he offered a draw after few moves in a must win situation.

JP's picture

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