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Morozevich wins 6th Moscow Blitz title

Alexander Morozevich

Alexander Morozevich won the Moscow Blitz Championship on Sunday. The Russian top grandmaster, who recently had to withdraw from the Biel tournament and also the Olympiad squad, secured victory with a round to spare. It was the 6th time that Morozevich won the Moscow Blitz.

Alexander Morozevich | Photo courtesy of the official website

The traditional Moscow Blitz Championship was held for the 66th (!) time on Sunday, outside the Institute of Architecture, Media and Design in the Russian capital. The first edition took place in 1946 and it has always been very popular among professional and amateur players. Over the years, the tournament was attended by e.g. Mikhail Tal, Tigran Petrosian, Vassily Smyslov, Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik...

This year the tournament took about six hours and was held over different subgroups - men, women, veterans (men and women), boys and girls, a tournament among journalists and an amateur tournament. The rate of play was 3 minutes and 2 seconds increment per move.

At the opening ceremony none other than FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov gave a speech, and also the head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sport in Moscow, Alexei Vorobiev and the President of the Moscow Chess Federation, Vladimir Palikhata, a businessman and philanthropist.

The tournament was broadcast live, with video. You can still watch everything here.

Fans of Alexander Morozevich will be relieved to hear that the Muscovite won the tournament with a round to spare, for the 6th time. Recently he had to withdraw from the Biel tournament due to illness, and he was subsequently substituted by Evgeny Tomashevsky in the Olympic team.

Morozevich took the lead from the start and held it throughout the tournament. He ended on 17/21, 2 points ahead of Vladimir Malakhov. Yuri Balashov became the winner of the veterans championship.

Moscow Blitz 2012 | Final standings

Rk.   Name FED Rtg Pts. TB1
1 GM Morozevich Alexander RUS 2781 17.0 164.75
2 GM Malakhov Vladimir RUS 2700 15.0 146.00
3 GM Chadaev Nikolai RUS 2705 14.5 132.00
4 GM Nepomniachtchi Ian RUS 2666 14.0 134.00
5 IM Belous Vladimir RUS 2542 14.0 131.00
6 GM Bareev Evgeny RUS 2663 13.5 133.75
7 GM Dreev Aleksey RUS 2705 13.5 123.25
8 GM Grigoriants Sergey RUS 2549 13.0 115.00
9 GM Popov Ivan RUS 2661 12.5 110.75
10 GM Grachev Boris RUS 2695 12.5 106.75
11 GM Korotylev Alexey RUS 2573 12.0 108.50
12 GM Glek Igor GER 2420 11.5 109.00
13 GM Dubov Daniil RUS 2589 10.5 91.25
14 GM Dlugy Maxim USA 2519 9.0 77.00
15 GM Khruschiov Alexey MDA 2441 8.5 76.00
16 GM Rychagov Andrey RUS 2424 8.5 68.00
17 FM Seliverstov Vladimir RUS 2494 7.5 64.25
18 IM Dvalishvili Pavel S RUS 2537 7.0 61.25
19 IM Reshetnikov Alexey RUS 2503 5.5 52.25
20 FM Kalinichev Andrey EST 2414 5.5 43.25
21 GM Smagin Sergey RUS 2551 3.5 25.50
22 GM Zlochevskij Alexander ITA 2489 2.5 19.00

Source: Chess-Results

During the tournament there was something that attracted great interest of the participants: a robot, designed by Konstantin Kosteniuk, that played blitz simultaneously on three boards with everyone. Even Ilyumzhinov played a couple of casual games against the robot, and this experience led to a new brain wave: to hold a chess tournament among robots on Mars. According to the tournament website the head of FIDE is soon meeting people of NASA, and he's planning to propose the project...

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ShockeR's picture

Morozevich back to full health ? ;)

good to see !

valg321's picture

good to see him back

Stefan's picture

A chess tournament among robots on Mars. Yeah, sure. Ilyumzhinov should act as tournament director there, without a return ticket. Chess players on earth will be grateful to get rid of this lunatic.

Anonymous's picture

This literally caused me to fall off my chair laughing! Great idea, and I'm willing to contribute to the price of his one way ticket!

RuralRob's picture

Was this tournament open only to Russians?

RuralRob's picture

Bah, should have looked at the player list (and federation column) before asking!

Thomas's picture

I also wondered who was eligible to participate (and how players qualified). It makes sense if the Moscow championship isn't open to anyone, the 'foreign' players seem to be originally from Russia (I know Glek is), did you have to play for a club from Moscow? If so, how much stronger could the event be if it didn't coincide with the Olympiad? Obviously, Karjakin had something else to do.

I wouldn't be sure that Morozevich has fully recovered: a one-day blitz event against relatively weak opposition (just a few low 2700ers) is less demanding than a strong round robin or the Olympiad - but it does indicate that he still can and enjoys playing chess.

MJul's picture

He looks awful on the picture too.

I know he usually looks "sick" after games, but this one is... different.

Fireblade's picture

Awesome ! He is back :)

uschess's picture

seeing as how russias best werent in attendance due to the olympiad it is sortve a lackluster win and event

S3's picture

With f.e. Malakhov and Nepomniachi I wouldn't say this was a walk in the park. And a guy like Chadaev is also a top blitz player. Let's see if his "normal" chess will catch up with his fenomenal blitz strength.

Alex's picture

Congratulations Morozevich! Happy that you are back playing....and playing well!

Rodolfo's picture

Felicidades Morozevich desde Cusco- Perú y en idioma castellano. Allin Kausay Kanpac, tambien en Kechua, idioma Inka.

Anonymous's picture

Well congrats to him for winning this tourney but he was the rating favorite by far.

Anonymous's picture

This is a good first step to recover and get the feeling back. After Moro is in good shape again we will see him back in the bigger tournements, for sure.

RuralRob's picture

Tournaments need Moro back, for his cute cheerleader squad!

patzer's picture

Where are the games?

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