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Nepomniachtchi shows his win against Giri

Nepomniachtchi shows his win against GiriAn interesting Grünfeld in the 6th round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. Nepomniachtchi inflicts the first loss upon 16-year-old Dutch talent Anish Giri and shows how in this press conference video. Enjoy!


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Just to add - there'd have been no need for the journalist's question at the end if he'd ready Shipov's comments on the Aronian game, where Nepo told Shipov exactly the same thing:

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Sorry, replace "5" with "4" in that link!

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No video for round 5 ?

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No, after round 5 no press conference was organized.

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It's interesting to compare Nepomniachtchi's commentary with Shipov's commentary on the same game:

It looks as though Nepo might have thought up the tricky queen manoeuvres at the board (...Qa4, ...Qb5). He missed Giri's chances with d5, or Be3 at some stages, but optimism is definitely a good thing in a chess player, on the whole!

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