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Nigel Short storms into sole lead in Bangkok

Nigel Short storms into sole lead in Bangkok

Nigel Short defeated M.R. Venkatesh on Monday to take over the lead at the Bangkok Chess Club Open after six rounds. The Indian IM was the surprise leader after five rounds.

The Dusit Thani Hotel in Bangkok, venue of the tournament  

Event Bangkok Chess Club Open | Details at Chess-Results | PGN via TWIC
Dates April 13-19, 2012
Location Bangkok, Thailand
System 9-round Swiss

The strongest participants are Nigel Short, Jan Gustafsson, Hou Yifan, Farrukh Amonatov, Antonio Rogelio Jr, M.R. Venkatesh and Deshun Xiu

Rate of play 90 minutes for the whole game + 30 seconds increment from move 1

The 12th Bangkok Chess Club Open, which takes place at the luxurious Dusit Thani Hotel, is a 9-round Swiss with 135 participants of which 41 are titled players. There is also a 7-round Challenger with over 100 players. With over 230 players from 34 countries the tournament has broken its attendance record from 2011 to confirm its ever-increasing popularity.

This year Hou Yifan plays for the first time and she obviously adds prestige to what has become one of Asia's best open events. The 18-year-old Chinese arrived in Bangkok a few days before the start of the tournament. Last Wednesday she met with a number of VIPs (including Thailand's Prime Minister) and aspiring chess talents at Shinawatra University’s city campus and in the Blue Room of Thailand’s Government House. After a photo session the champion played a chess simul against thirty children, students, and sponsors, and won all games in a mere two hours.

The Women's World Champion playing against Thailand's PM Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra

In the Bangkok Open the Women’s World Champion will battle for the top spot against strong rivals, including the tournament’s highest-ranked player, GM Nigel Short of England. Both GMs demonstrated great form at last January’s Gibraltar Chess Festival when they finished first and second in a field that included 55 GMs.

Other strong players who will have a shot at the first prize are the 2011-champion GM Jan Gustafsson of Germany, first-time participant GM Farrukh Amonatov of Tajikistan, as well as returning champions GM Rogelio Antonio, Jr. of the Philippines (winner 2003, 2004, 2006) and GM Deshun Xiu of China (winner in 2008 and 2009). The strongest local players are FM Wisuwat Teerapabpaisit (2278), FM Nakorn Trisa-ard (2265), FM Jirapak Pitirotjirathon (2252) and FM Boonsueb Saeheng (2207).

The spacious playing hall, part of the Dusit Thani Hotel

The start of the tournament coincided with the joyous and rowdy Songkran Festival, when Thais and tourists throng in the streets and splash each other with water to cool off from the fierce summer heat. A popular location to “play Songkran” is Bangkok’s Silom District where the venue is located!

Hou Yifan joins the Songkran celebrations

The games are played between April 13th and 19th, with double rounds on Saturday and Sunday. On Friday and Saturday morning no real upsets were seen, but in the third round untitled Sander Severino (2344) held Nigel Short to a draw on board 1 and next to them, Jan Gustafsson also split the point with IM Daniel Contin (2331) of Italy. In round 4 two other GMs drew their games: Hou Yifan against IM Nguyen Duc Hoa (2453) of Vietnam and Farrukh Amonatov against IM Liu Qingnan (2461) of China.

After five rounds the surprise leader was Indian IM M.R. Venkatesh, who is the only player with a clean sheet. On Sunday afternoon he defeated last year's winner Jan Gustafsson on top board. Nigel Short was half a point behind Venkatesh and these two players would meet each other in round 6. Hou Yifan and Farrukh Amonatov again drew their games and found themselves in a group of 16 players who are on 4/5.

In round 6 the British GM showed his class and came up on top against Venkatesh. On board 2, Hou Yifan came back from a technically lost position to defeat FM Martin Voigt, and last year’s champion GM Jan Gustafsson recovered with a win against WGM Kruttika Nadig.

Selection of games rounds 1-6

PGN file

Bangkok Chess Club Open 2012 | Round 6 standings (top 30)

Rk. Title Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. TB1
1 GM Short Nigel D 2697 ENG 57b1 13w1 37b½ 17w1 10b1 4b1 2w 5.5 24.5
2 GM Hou Yifan 2639 CHN 87b1 30w1 8b1 5w½ 6b½ 17w1 1b 5.0 25.5
3 GM Amonatov Farrukh 2604 TJK 32w1 65b1 7w1 10b½ 12w½ 21b1 8w 5.0 24.5
4 IM Venkatesh M R 2509 IND 67b1 31w1 45b1 38w1 11b1 1w0 5b 5.0 24.0
5 IM Nguyen Duc Hoa 2453 VIE 86w1 62b1 47w1 2b½ 9w½ 23b1 4w 5.0 23.0
6   Wan Yunguo 2441 CHN 83w½ 46b1 42w1 27b1 2w½ 24b1 9w 5.0 22.5
7 IM Mohota Nisha 2312 IND 101b1 29w1 3b0 40w1 57b1 18w1 10b 5.0 21.5
8 GM Ghane Shojaat 2339 IRI 90w1 84b1 2w0 50b1 64w1 19w1 3b 5.0 20.5
9 IM Nguyen Van Huy 2485 VIE 56b½ 100w1 59b1 85w1 5b½ 20w1 6b 5.0 19.0
10 IM Liu Qingnan 2461 CHN 33b1 24w1 20b1 3w½ 1w0 41b1 7w 4.5 26.0
11 GM Gustafsson Jan 2642 GER 93w1 22b1 41w½ 37b1 4w0 42b1 15w 4.5 22.0
12 GM Sriram Jha 2406 IND 77b1 85w½ 63b1 60w1 3b½ 13w½ 16b 4.5 21.0
13   Liu Chang 2262 CHN 113w1 1b0 89w1 61b1 49w1 12b½ 14w 4.5 20.5
14 GM Schebler Gerhard 2449 GER 61b1 59w½ 48b½ 88w1 16b½ 37w1 13b 4.5 19.5
15 IM Saptarshi Roy 2384 IND 78b1 63w½ 56b0 70w1 59b1 43w1 11b 4.5 18.5
16 FM Pitirotjirathon Jirapak 2252 THA 106w½ 83b½ 82w1 99b1 14w½ 44b1 12w 4.5 18.5
17 FM Voigt Martin 2364 GER 72w1 88b1 28w1 1b0 26w1 2b0 35w 4.0 24.0
18 GM Neelotpal Das 2462 IND 97w1 42b½ 23w½ 34b1 30w1 7b0 26w 4.0 23.0
19 GM Xiu Deshun 2492 CHN 75w1 23b½ 58w1 41b1 21w½ 8b0 24w 4.0 22.5
20 FM Teerapabpaisit Wisuwat 2278 THA 115w1 49b1 10w0 75b1 32w1 9b0 27w 4.0 22.0
21   Stany G A 2376 IND 79b1 40w1 60b½ 56w1 19b½ 3w0 29b 4.0 21.5
22 FM Reilly Tim 2256 AUS 104b1 11w0 77b1 36w1 29b½ 25w½ 33b 4.0 21.5
23   Sie Thu 2243 MYA 116b1 19w½ 18b½ 67w1 38b1 5w0 28b 4.0 21.0
24 WIM Wang Xiaohui 2209 CHN 133w1 10b0 79w1 68b1 39b1 6w0 19b 4.0 21.0
25 GM Rantanen Yrjo A 2383 FIN 99w1 26b½ 50w½ 84b½ 55w1 22b½ 34w 4.0 20.5
26   Kivimaki Jaakko 2186 FIN 111b1 25w½ 43b1 39w½ 17b0 72w1 18b 4.0 20.0
27   Mohammad Nubairshah Shaikh 2119 IND 118b1 52w1 39b½ 6w0 58w½ 66b1 20b 4.0 20.0
28   Abanco Ernie 2066 PHI 74b1 54w1 17b0 43w0 67b1 64b1 23w 4.0 20.0
29   Faika Michael 2119 GER 134w1 7b0 91w1 66b1 22w½ 47b½ 21w 4.0 19.5
30 FM Aschenbrenner Robert 2254 AUT 124w1 2b0 76w1 83b1 18b0 57w1 36b 4.0 19.0


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any idea why short is not in the 2700 live list yet ?
He's gained around 8 points already from this event.

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He probably dropped a few points prior to this particular tournament - leaving him shy of 2700 for now.

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See the tweet by 2700chess: "Nigel Short's Live Rating is 2699.6 after today's win over Hou Yifan ..."

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