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No deal between FIDE and UEP, negotiations failed

UEP vs FIDE: no loveUEP, the company that organized the 2008 World Championship Match between Anand and Kramnik successfully, made an official bid to FIDE in February to organize the Candidates event in 2010 and the World Championship Match in 2011, but "due to different agendas relating to organisational sovereignty and commercial rights" (UEP) the parties failed to reach an agreement.

FIDE issued the following press release:


FIDE logoFIDE announces that the negotiations with Universal Event Promotion (UEP), the original bidder for organising the final stages of the World Championship cycle 2009-2011 (Candidates Tournament and Final Match), did not reach a final agreement. FIDE is already in contact with other organisers and sponsors interested in holding these events.

Released by the FIDE Secretariat - 12 May 2009

After we received this press release yesterday we immediately contacted both the World Chess Federation and Universal Event Promotion. At the moment of writing FIDE hasn't responded yet, while UEP's spokesman only wanted to say that they are still "planning several activities. As soon as something is ripe for decision we get back to it." Today they sent their own press release to the media:

Negotiations with FIDE failed

UEP logoThe negotiations over the organisation of the forthcoming World Championship cycle 2010-2011 (Candidates Tournament 2010 and World Chess Championship Match 2011) between Universal Event Promotion (UEP) and FIDE have failed.

Due to different agendas relating to organisational sovereignty and commercial rights, the parties failed to reach an agreement. Aggravating circumstances included FIDE's financial expectations beyond the original tender details.

UEP - the only bidder for the tender - believes that under such circumstances a permanent and successful marketing of the World Chess Championship will be questionable. The negotiations ended by mutual agreement.

(UEP news service 13th of May 2009)

It's a pity that we'll probably never learn more about the details of this story. A sad story, since UEP did a fine job in Bonn last year, and their bid seemed very good news back in February. Although FIDE has a lot of time to find alternatives for the organisation of the 2010-2011 events, it remains to be seen whether something of similar quality will present itself.

But first there's Anand-Topalov of course, scheduled to be held somewhere early 2010. We'll post the bidding procedure down here, as we hadn't mentioned it yet on ChessVibes. Most importantly, potential organizers need to communicate their plans not later than September 30th this year.

FIDE logoAthens, 24 April 2009


1.The FIDE Presidential Board, during its meeting in Istanbul 7-8 March 2009, decided to open a bidding procedure for the FIDE World Championship Match 2010 (FWCM 2010) between the current World Champion GM V. Anand (India) and Challenger GM V. Topalov (Bulgaria).

2.Each bid shall contain the following particulars as minimum:-

a) Proposed exact dates of the event in April 2010.
b) Proposed tournament venue.
c) Proposed prize fund for the players (minimum 1,000,000 euros & should be offered net of any applicable taxes).
d) The contribution to FIDE (net of any applicable taxes and not less than 20% of the prize money) as stipulated in Article 13.2 as well as the financial obligations stated in Article 14 of the Rules & Regulations of the FIDE World Championship Match 2010
e) Commitment to cover all the other financial obligations to FIDE, in accordance with the Rules & Regulations of the FIDE World Championship Match 2010
f) Commitment to cover all organizational costs, in accordance with the match regulations.
g) Category of official hotel (minimum 4- stars), and name if possible, with special room rates including meals.
h) A statement that the applicant accepts the regulations of the match without any reservations.
i) An invitation for at least (two) members of the FIDE Commission for World Chess Championships and Olympiads to inspect the proposed venue and examine the other conditions, with all travel/hotel expenses paid by the bidder.
j) The applicant's name, signatures and authentication.

3.In order for a proposed bid to be considered, it should be accompanied by a 8-month term bank guarantee covering the amount of prize fund (minimum 1,000,000 euros), the FIDE contribution (20% over and above the prize fund), 5% for WCO budget and 5% for the commercial rights and 32,500 euros covering stipends of Principals as described in article 14.4 of the match regulations. This guarantee should be from a bank that FIDE bankers, UBS of Switzerland, are able to confirm as acceptable. Alternatively to the above paragraph, a bidder can deposit in FIDE's bank account the amount of 100,000 euros by the deadline of 30 September 2009 (refundable if the bid is rejected), another 60% of the prize fund by 30 November 2009 and the balance by 21 January 2010.

4. A bid is considered to be valid if it is accompanied with a non-refundable Bid Fee of 2,000 euros payable to FIDE.

5.No bidder can propose a sponsor which shall be in conflict with the regulations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

6.The bids, including all original documents and particulars, shall arrive by registered post to the FIDE Secretariat, post address: 9 Syggrou Ave., 11743 Athens - Greece. The bidding process will close on 30 September 2009, 13:00 GMT.

7.When the deadline has expired, the FIDE President or his representative shall open the received envelopes in order to assess the bids. FIDE will inform any bidding parties of the results of the process by 9 October 2009 the latest.

8.FIDE reserves the right not to award any bid, however favourable.

Released by the FIDE Secretariat - 24 April 2009


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Stefan Loeffler's picture

You´re missing an important point. FIDE changed the candidate cycle to comply with UEP´s plans. As a consequence Carlsen and Adams dropped out of the Grandprix and one Grandprix organiser (Karlovy Vary) withdrew. The damage has been done without even producing a solid organiser for the cycle in question. FIDE has to sort out if they stick to their last announcement of three rounds of k.o.-matches among eight candidates to produce a challenger and stay with the burden to find an organiser. This spells bad news for the top players and the credibility of the chess world championship unless FIDE comes up with something soon.

fido's picture

The UEP thing will be on again soon enough, is my guess. FIDE are just probably trying to get more money again, as when they upped the price the Bulgarians suddenly had to pay much more to get the Topalov-Kamsky match they already had been given. When FIDE realise that they won't get the bribes they want this time, they will have to settle with UEP, if the latter haven't realised for good by now that you should avoid business with such a corrupt organisation as FIDE.

DrTom's picture

Looks like another World Championship cycle is going down...

Pogos's picture

FIDE is too corrupt to deal with, they probably saw the big money involved and tried to bribe UEP. There should REALLY be another organization taking care of chess, why do we need them? let them take all the little corrupt national chess organizations and have a new one, yes, scism! what the heck, FIDE is uncorrectable.

gg's picture

Over the last years FIDE have at least managed one very difficult thing, that is to make Danailov seem like a highly competent, fair and reasonable organiser of chess events in comparison. :)

vaughn's picture

"8.FIDE reserves the right not to award any bid, however favourable."
Why not : "The best offer according to the first 7 points will win the auction"
This paragraph shows that fide is not an objectiv organisation guided by law and regulation but one wich depends on personal interests.For me it's clear that they didn't agree about theyr personal rewards.

Mikhail_Golubev's picture

Possibly (!), the idea to organise Candidates event was first published in the Russian (mega) newspaper Sport-Express, in the 6th round report from the Dresden Olympiad: there was an interview by Yury Vasilyev with Makropoulos, and there Makropoulos speaks about his proposal (candidates event) and there Makropoulos confirms that Resch UEP are ready to organise such an event. Makropoulos said that Anand, Kramnik, Topalov any no one else would object against the Candidates tournament.
Link is here (in Russian, indeed)


IMHO, the idea to organise the 6th FIDE GP event possibly in Chechnya (as Ilyumzhinov said in Baku; he also named Oman as a possible venue) is more scandalous than just a possible collapse of another FIDE event (it is something completely usual and can make people sleepy).

Chechya is very dangerous, also as a trend. The next FIDE idea may be, I do know, Somalia, or Afghanistan, once someone pays them what they are requesting (officially or otherwise). Most of decision-makers in FIDE are fundamentally immoral people.

Michael X Tractor's picture

"FIDE fails to organise world championship". As headlines go, that is up there with "Pope a Catholic" and "Bears defecate in woods".

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