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Participants Tal Memorial announced

Participants Tal Memorial announced

Today the Russian Chess Federation announced the participants of this year's Tal Memorial at its website. They are:

Viswanathan Anand (India, 2817)
Magnus Carlsen (Norway, 2823)
Levon Aronian (Armenia, 2807)
Vladimir Kramnik (Russia, 2791)
Sergey Karjakin (Russia, 2772)
Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine, 2765)
Hikaru Nakamura (USA, 2753)
Boris Gelfand (Israel, 2746)
Peter Svidler (Russia, 2740)
Ian Nepomniachtchi (Russia, 2718)

The average rating of 2775 is unprecendented for a 10-player round-robin. The tournament will be held from 16 to 25 November in Moscow. November 21st is a rest day. The games start at 15.00 local time; the last round at 12.00.


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Tarjei's picture

Damn it! I would've liked to see Morozevich in there...

brecht's picture

anybody knows more why Morozevich drew second game with Grishuck so soon???

brecht's picture

anybody knows more why Morozevich drew second game with Grishuck so soon???

Septimus's picture

Nobody knows. This mystery will stand the test of time.

James Maskell's picture

Anand versus Gelfand ought to be interesting! A stellar field which is hard to improve upon. Hope the games live up to the expectations, unlike the recent rapid games between the top bunch.

stevefraser's picture

NEW RULE: "Each game will be comprised of no less than sixty moves unless a decisive result has been reached. The first player to bring about a repetition of any previous position in the present game loses immediately".

hansie's picture

If only Sasha Grischuk or Moro would have been there in place of "ctrl+V" ...

Thomas's picture

Nepomniachtchi (did I spell this correctly? :) ) may have been invited because he was (2010) Russian champion when the field was put together - the first strong hint about its composition is dated June 18, 2011:
Current champion Svidler actually seems to be a late replacement for Wang Hao who apparently still has heart problems (that's why he also missed the World Cup).

Something else: Am I the only one who is a tiny bit puzzled that London (in December) is a "top story", while Tal Memorial (in November, with an overall even stronger field) is "other news"? Of course it's because the London organizers sent a(nother) big press release, while the Tal Memorial organizers think that, with this field, players' biographies aren't really needed ... .

mishanp's picture

Actually the Tal Memorial organisers (or at least the RCF website) did include biographies, though of course they were in Russian. I very nearly translated them for WhyChess but decided they were a little superfluous... Good point about Wang Hao - must read my own site more!

Peter Doggers's picture

This could use a bit more attention indeed so I put it among the 'top stories'.

Anonymous's picture

In london people dont know about chess much so it needs promotion.. But in russia chess is popular so it doesnt.

S3's picture

Ctrl V is the biggest fighter of them all so I am happy with his invitation. I think he'll do pretty well.

fen's picture

Ctrl+V? Shed some light please.

S3's picture

Some people are just not able to remember the name Nepomniachi so they use the expression ctrl+v, originally coined by Mig of chessninja.

fen's picture

Never would have gotten that. Thanks for the explanation.

Jamie's picture

Wowser! Brilliant line-up, also would've liked moro, but at least we have chucky!
Would love him to win, but have sneaky feeling kramnik might take the honours... Anand & Gelfand will probably be hiding prep - Anand might go +2, whereas Gelfand will probably want to practice holding inferior endgames a la Kramnik - Petroff's & Berlin Wall's a-plenty :)

noyb's picture

Ditto, well said.

redivivo's picture

If Gelfand wouldn't be hiding prep it would be his usual +5 here :-)

brecht's picture

It would've been cool, if they invited Kasparov with a wild card !!! ;)

TMM's picture

Wow... London, Bilbao and this, all with the 2800+ present. One hell of a way to finish 2011!

Pomonado's picture

Are we back in the 90s? Cause this is how an Elite tournament should be like.

adam's picture

wow, simply wow

christos's picture

I don't understand some complaints. In my opinion, this is an absolutely fantastic lineup.

martin's picture

Could someone perhaps enlighten me why Topalov seems to have been so much out of the picture (= chess arena) so much lately?

Knallo's picture

Just a guess, but I think having Kramnik and Topalov is the same tournament is not easy. And as to who has more fans, well...

Thomas's picture

Well, other organizers managed to have Kramnik and Topalov in the same event: Corus twice, Amber several times. It wasn't that problematic if you accept that they won't shake hands before and after their games, and probably keep a safe maximum distance from each other when they don't have to share a table. At Amber, arbiters and others suggested that they put an end to their feud - or, using a currently widely quoted Dutch term, to "doe normaal" - it was in vain.

But Tal Memorial happens to be in Russia. I don't think the organizers even considered to invite Topalov, and he won't accept such an invitation. Topa's inactivity may be in part because his favorite events (Linares, MTel, apparently also Nanjing) don't take place this year. But it seems that he was invited to Bilbao and declined: organizers wrote that Vallejo got his spot only after five top10 players declined - these would be Kramnik, Karjakin, Mamedyarov, Ponomariov (the last two play the European Club Cup) and Topalov who gave some sort of personal reasons.

As to highest category: Bilbao 2010 was on average even stronger - easier though with just four players (Kramnik, Anand, Carlsen, Shirov).

David's picture

This is because Topi was "recently" married about a year ago. After some more or less bad results for his standards he decided to take a while off and enjoy life. But I am a big fan of his aggressive stile also and would like to see him (in good shape of course) back on track.

Knallo's picture

Highest category ever?

Anonymous's picture

I am glad that Morozevich didn't get an invite. He disgraced himself with his World Cup exit. At least in tennis you would have to feign injury if you want to just quit. And in no other sport is the press so frackin deferential towards the pros; they should be in his face until he gives a satisfactory answer!

Jamie's picture

I don't agree that Moro disgraced himself at the World Cup - he was coming off the back of playing 3 top class tournaments in quick succession (where he performed 2800+ in each one), having not previously played competitive chess in a long time.
It is a shame that he didn't have the appetite for the fight, but given his build up to the World Cup and Grischuk's reputation as a tenacious defender, I think that the explanation as to why he didn't is rather obvious.
No disgrace here - just a shame he was so burnt out. MORE MORO PLEASE!

Brecht's picture

where is Radjabov and Judith Polgar ....

Eiae's picture

Wow, this will be one of the greatest tournaments ever!

KingTal's picture

It is like a dream come true. Considering the good live coverage Tal memorials provided this should be event of the year!

Szoker's picture


now thats, thats some lineup...


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