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Press conference R1: Loek van Wely

Press conference round 1 - Loek van WelyDue to some technical problems it took a bit longer than normal, but finally we can present you the first press conference from Wijk aan Zee, in which Loek van Wely explains is smooth win against Nigel Short in the first round. Hikaru Nakamura's round 2 press conference will be available soon as well. Enjoy!


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merlin's picture

anybody knows what is carlsen's rating after round 2?

Hortensius's picture

2811 if I'm correct

VladimirOo's picture

I am amazed. Shirov is playing wonderfully, creating awesome tactical chess and endgames where both his opponents got lost, and nobody talks about it! Still, we hear about last Carlsen's brilliancy, even if it almost relies on Smeets' mistakes, even if his play in the opening was not that bright...

What about Shirov's come back to top ?

jan van der marel's picture

Hey, i thought Loek van Wely was married to Marion Adriaans! He seems to be a real Casanova...

Peter Doggers's picture

They separated about a year ago.

Thomas's picture

@VladimirOo: In fairness, in the first two rounds Shirov depended on the opponent's mistakes as much as Carlsen did. Regarding the first round, I wouldn't have been surprised if it had been Shirov-Leko rather than Leko-Shirov.
But Shirov's game today was genuine "Fire on the Board"!
Shirov and van Wely have two things in common:
1) attractive chess with mixed results
2) what jan van der marel brought up, also with mixed results ...

VladimirOo's picture

@Thomas: Of course, Shirov's wins depended on his opponents's mistakes, otherwise it would be a draw. But there mistakes and mistakes. The terrible fully stupid ones that for misconcentration one makes that ruins all his game.
And the incomprehensible that come from mighty pressure of the opponent: in Shirov's case, his tremendous ability to constantly present problems to his opponent, where both can get lost (such as Tal)...
And I found the ways he does it really awesome : either in difficult defense, either in patient and accurate endgame or like today in messy middlegame...

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