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Press conference R2: Hikaru Nakamura

Press conference round 2 - Hikaru NakamuraAt the moment of writing he's already on 2.5/3 and yesterday he gave a demonstration of his victory over Loek van Wely. Hikaru Nakamura was enjoying the session with the demo board, and made the game understandable to a wide audience. Enjoy!


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Kazzak's picture

Can't one of the sponsors buy them a better board? :-)

Rini Luyks's picture

Good to see Nakamura in great shape this time after his unlucky flu-performance in the Rising Stars vs. Experience tournament..
Shouldn´t he get a ticket for Melody Amber anyway?
Very interesting player!

LuxAeterna's picture

Oh! I love that board and all those woody sounds!

DTK's picture

nice game by nakamura!

Bno's picture

Loved it. Professional, instructive and entertaining session by Nakamura!

CAL|Daniel's picture

better board? I'm not sure they make a better board than that to be honest... thats probably the top of the line.

Ron's picture

Should be possible to make it electronic

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I was able to meet Nakamura in st louis mo for the USA Chess championship. I have video posted on youtube, so check it out!!! All Comments welcomed!

I really like this video at chorus except he was in the view of the board to much and the time it took to move the pieces take them down and put them up again!
They used on online board at st louis and the player could just stand back and use a mouse and make comments. I do like the sounds the wood makes though and it is kinda cool seeing the player touch the pieces and move them around because it allows the viewer to pretend to be there with him in the real world because this is the way the player go over the game, hand on the pieces etc.

I liked this game because of all the sacrifices and even when white has the game in hand, black still can win if white goes for the obvious, like knight takes the rook!!!! Who would not be tempeted to taking the rook with a knight!? That knight was a real killer though and to take the rook would of lost the game for white, right?

Hope to see more of these soon.

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