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Results from the FIDE Presidential Board meeting in Istanbul

The World Championship match between Anand and Topalov will be delayed until spring 2010, and the UEP bid for organizing the Wch cycle 2010-2011 has been accepted by FIDE. In 2011 there will be either Candidates Matches or a Candidates Tournament with Kamsky, the loser of Anand-Topalov, two players from the Grand Prix, the winner of the World Cup, the two highest rated players not already qualified and a player nominated by the organizer. These are the most important decisions made at the FIDE Presidential Board meeting that was held from March 5th to 8th in Istanbul, Turkey.


The FIDE Presidential Board (PB) meeting with an agenda of 80 items was held on March 5-8th in Istanbul, Turkey, concurrent with the first Women Grand Prix event organized by TCF.

FIDE President advised that he has visited ten countries in the last three months and was delighted that chess was now in the school curriculum in Moldova dn Armenia and that chess among women has growing popularity. He was very please that Women's World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk participated in the PB meeting. In his report, he also stressed the importance of strengthening the relationship with IOC and the NOCs.

The PB approved the new structure for FIDE Commissions and Committees the details of which will be announced on the FIDE website. The PB agreed on a commission to be set up to consider the zonal structure of FIDE. The PB approved changes in the Laws of Chess including that the default time would be zero unless otherwise specified in the regulations of the tournament. The PB finalized Title and Rating regulations and dealt with other matters left from the Dresden meetings. It agreed to postpone the World Championship match between World Champion GM Anand and Challenger GM Topalov until the latest April 20th, 2010 and asked for bids for the match. The PB corrected the mistake done by the organizer of the World Senior Championship and announced GM Kaufmann and GM Suba as co-winners. The PB decided upon a commemoration schedule of the former world champions starting with W. Steinitz in 2009.

The PB acknowledged and accepted the bid from UEP for the world chess championship cycle 2010-2011. In 2011, there will be a Candidate Matches/Tournament consisting of GM Kamsky, the loser of the Anand-Topalov match, two players from the Grand Prix series and one player from the World Cup, two highest rated players not already qualified and a player nominated by the organizer. The winner will play the World Champion in 2011.

The PB discussed several future events and decided upon the bid dates which will be published on the FIDE website. The FIDE President thanked the Turkish Chess Federation and its President Mr. Yazici for the excellent organization of the event.

Peter Rajcsanyi
FIDE Public Relations and Marketing Director

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Arne Moll's picture

I agree, Frank. Somehow you never hear of a soccer match or a tennis tournament being cancelled because of lack of sponsors. Apparently, the money goes where it wants to go. It seems chess is just not as popular as some chess pros and organizers would like it to be ...

Castro's picture

How about the ovelapping of 4 (FOUR, with Budapest) higly important chess tournaments, especially from the feminine point of view?
I've never seen something like that! Outrageous!

VB's picture

Topalov is good form September match would suit him better than spring 2010 I think.

Frank van Tellingen's picture

Excuse me,

Why is it, that everytime sponsors can't be found a world-championship match is cancelled. Why on earth should anyone pay such astronomical figures for a chess match - exiciting though it may be? Shouldn't the players satisfy themselves with a little less?

It seems to me this can only be harmful if chess as a sport is meant to be taken seriously.

Ariel's picture

The process for selecting the challenger to the World Champion is too arbitrary, to say the least. In particular, the decision to seed two (25% of the field !?) based on ELO ratings is ridiculous, since it will discourage anyone with a sufficiently high rating from participating in any competitions to protect their rating.

Several decades ago, FIDE came up with an imperfect formula: zonals leading to interzonals, interzonals producing candidates, candidate elimination rounds (tournament or matches) producing a challenger. ALL BASED ON OTB RESULTS! The only "preferential" treatments were for the top two from the previous cycle (makes sense), and once for Bobby Fischer who got into the interzonal without participating in a zonal (makes Bobby-sense).

Since those days, FIDE has messed with the process and produced no improvement. So, yes, an imperfect process encourages experimentation; but when the experiments have all led to failure... perhaps it is time to return to what we knew best.

Ariel's picture

But wait, there's more... (sorry). I forgot to ridicule the idea of the ORGANIZER HAND-PICKING A CANDIDATE. PLEASE!?!?

So we see the following collection of individuals vying for the title: a champion, and eight players selected by various methods. Of those nine players, exactly THREE (a mere 33%!!) have qualified via OTB results in the current or "proper" qualification cycle. The remaining 67% (!!) have been placed there based on previous results--or worse, personal connections and charm!?

This is not serious. This is ridiculous. It is a good thing that Anand, at least, is a good player with a long trajectory, or the title of "world champion" would be a complete travesty. Small wonder that Magnus Carlsen and others are not having any of this...

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