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Round 9 Corus Press Conference

Corus Chess Round 9 Press ConferenceWith this game Vladimir Kramnik beat the world's number one Magnus Carlsen and reached the top of the standings of the Corus Chess Tournament. It was also a very complicated game, and now you can learn more about it from the ex-World Champ himself. Enjoy!

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Author: Peter Doggers

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chris's picture

kramnik is back!

Bno's picture

Great, great ... would be even better if the ChessVibes logo was less intrusive. Kramnik's head looks scrambled.

lalala's picture

the chessvibes logo is too big.

S's picture

Nonsense, Kramnik's head is too big!

LogikEngine's picture

Here's an idea: why don't they have BOTH players commenting on a game at the same time; it would be very interesting to hear what they were both thinking.

Felix Kling's picture

You could place the logo at the bottom right, that may be better.

Webbimio's picture

I don't think that Carlsen would have had such a will to give explanations after this game...

test's picture

Indeed, Kramnik already mentioned in the video that Carlsen didn't feel like talking after the game (as most players don't after losing a game).

I wonder how much psychological warfare went into this battle; Carlsen taking two minutes to make the first move, trying to prove that he is not afraid of Kramnik and can take him on even in his best scoring opening. Or maybe it's just that discussions in these topical openings cannot be avoided between top players.

In any case it didn't go well, and he certainly didn't crush Kramnik like a bug. So one more reason to not feel like rubbing salt in the open wound by doing a dual commentary.

vimapa's picture

This win for Kramnik means a defeat not only for Carlsen, but also for Kasparov!!

ron's picture

I don't like Carlsen's comments on his blog that he "blundered in an unclear position". The guy is becoming arrogant. Prefer Kramnik's comments after his defeat in London against the same opponent saying that C "played a great game".
I think Kasparov has always paid respect vz the greatest like Karpov, Kramnik, Anand, Ivanchuk and Carlsen should learn there too.

An Afghan's picture

why he is not saying that he won because of time?

ebutaljib's picture

Because he didn't win only because of time ;)

Besides, he said at least once that his opponent had only seconds on the clock.

sulotas's picture

I like the way he pronounces 'perpetual'...

Victor's picture

Carlsen is becoming Topalov, or Kasparov when he loses a game. A shame, really.

Rothschild's picture

Carlsen says he blundered in time trouble after losing his game, and all of the sudden he is a paranoid Bulgarian accusing others of cheating in the restroom? Get real. He might be a soar loser, but the fact that he blundered in time trouble is a simple fact. He knows Kramnik well personally, and I'm sure there are no hard feelings between the two. He obviously has stirred up some feelings in ron and Victor, though.

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