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Stunning footage Kasparov simul in Antwerp

Stunning footage Kasparov simul in AntwerpOn October 13th, for the third time in a row Garry Kasparov gave a simul in Antwerp, Belgium against a number of CEO's, politicians and children. Nigel Short was there as well to give live commentary, and everything was set in a studio and filmed with different cameras by a professional TV crew. The result: 26-0 for Kasparov, and stunning video footage.

The formula of the Kasparov simuls, organized by CVWarehouse, Alfacam and a big number of sponsors, is a familiar one by now in Belgium. For the third time, Garry Kasparov was the star in a big media event in which he faced several CEO's, some politicians and some youngsters who had done well in a simultaneous exhibition against Nigel Short. The Englishman was responsible for live commentary during Kasparov's simul.

The whole simul was recorded and broadcast by EXQI TV, the television channel of Alfacam. The show was streamed live by Netlog, alternating with football. In the videos below, posted a few days ago on YouTube, you can watch highlights, including the commentary by Short ("His queen side is underdeveloped, but what's really annoying is that on his king side he hasn't got any pieces left." "Yesterday we had a very good lunch with a lot of brandy. This can be seen on the board here.")

Joking aside, logically the games were not of the highest level, but the way it was broadcast was. We think it's one of the best pieces of chess footage ever made. Look for yourself!

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Somehow it's not that appealing to me to watch absolute amateurs play against Kasparov.

I would like this kind of coverage with something like they did with Kramnik against 2 grandmasters. That was a nice experiment. Could be done with 3 of 4 international masters or something like that.

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In the past, Kramnik and Kasparov have taken on national teams (and won)! Would be nice to have Kasparov play against Russia ;-)

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At least we finally know what Kasparov plays against the Damiano Defence! Should be interesting stuff for ChessVibes Openings! ;-)

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Oh, man, the look on the Kasparovs face at the beginning of the first video (on the 28th second for example)! That guy takes every chess game extremely serious, no matter the opposition.

Is that really Short speaking? I just realized I had never heard his voice before.

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Wauw even Kasparov can miss a mate in 1. Game 6 against Kris Peeters 27. Qh7....

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Ok so I watched the rest of the 19 part series anyway. Only part 3-4-5-6 has the wrong sound, the rest is ok.

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There is an unedited series in 19 parts here:

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Update: the unedited series is unwatchable. Starting in part three the sound reverts to part one, so what you hear is two parts behind what you are seeing. This continued in part 4. I gave up. What a failure.

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I saw some interesting queen sacrefices and openings. Who thinks of Bd6 with still a pawn on d7

The pawn endgame with the bishops was really interesting (for an average club player). It was probably won for white anyway. But Kasparovs shows in an easy way how to do that, with playing first h4 and then run with the king to the center.

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For those who are interested and can read (Belgian) Dutch: There is more on this @

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sorry but for once this seems uninteresting to me ( a rare fact for chessvibes)
the chess content is quite poor

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jmd he probally spotted the mate in 2 instantly , cause that is a more common patern. I guess if he took his time he would have seen the mate in 1.

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still, it is somehow funny to see

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After having replayed all the games I really have to ask: what is the point.
Most of the players are literally absolute beginners. In some of the games it looks like a random move generator is making the moves, I'm not kidding. What do these people get out of this? Some yuppie bragging rights of being able to say they played the ex-world champion, never mind that they hardly know how to make legal moves? Pretty pathetic.

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I am absolutely allergic to this person "kasparov". He's destroyed the world of chess, but still shamelessly shows his ugly face and shoots his big mouth left and right.

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