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Svidler beats Navara 3-1 in Prague

Svidler beats Navara 3-1 in Prague

Peter Svidler defeated David Navara with a score of 3-1 in the traditional Čez Chess Trophy match in Prague, Czech Republic. The Russian grandmaster decided the match on Saturday with a second win, and then the last game was drawn on Sunday.

Two wins and two draws for Peter Svidler against David Navara | Photos by Anežka Kružíkovácourtesy of the Prague Chess Society

Event Čez Chess Trophy | PGN via TWIC
Dates June 21-25, 2012
Location Prague, Czech Republic
System 4-game match
Players David Navara & Peter Svidler
Rate of play 90 minutes for 40 moves followed by 30 minutes to finish the game, with 30 seconds increment from move 1
Prize fund "Elo points!" said organizer Pavel Matocha. :-)

The match consisted of only four games, and from our earlier report we know that Svidler was leading 1.5-0.5 at half time. On Saturday Svidler already decided the match in his favour with another win:

PGN string

Svider (here playing the novelty 11...e5) decided the match in game 3

The 4th game was played anyway, and perhaps because of the score, it was the least interesting game of the match.

PGN string

As always, the event was sponsored by Čez Group, a conglomerate of companies involved in the electricity generation, distribution and trade. It took place in the Malostranská beseda in central Prague. Alongside the main event there were lectures, a philatelist exposition and simuls by both Navara and Svidler.

Čez Chess Trophy 2012 | Score


Here's another photo of the venue of the match  as we wrote before, the Malostranská beseda used to be the Town Hall...

...where this time a friendly chess match took place.

On Friday there was no game, but... many! In his simul, Svidler met some distinguished opponents, like the deputy CEO of the Unicredit Bank Aleš Barabas, Čez risk manager (and son of the Czech president!) Jan Klaus and the mayor of Prague, Oldřich Lomecký. Svidler won against all 22 opponents.

Navara played a clock simul (40 minutes + 30 seconds increment) against four talented opponents. In the picture we see two Czech female players, Kristýna Havlíková (Elo 2299) and Olga Sikorová (Elo 2271); the other opponents were Vojtěch Straka (Elo 2259) and Tadeáš Baláček (Elo 2186). Navara won 3-1 as he miscalculated in a pawn ending against Straka.

Also on Friday, Svidler, his wife Olga and their sons Nikita and Daniel visited the Prague Castle and the Cathedral Saint-Guy.

Saturday afternoon our co-editor IM Yochanan Afek gave a lecture on tactical rook endings in games and studies.

An entertaining post-mortem of the third match game.

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Nice fighting and instructive games, especially the wins against the 2700+ GM.

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I agree with you!

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