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This is also chess

ESPN: Game of her lifeChess is not the kind of thing that's regularly covered by a huge sports media network like ESPN. Last week, however, they had a captivating story about 14-year-old chess progidy Phiona Mutesi from Uganda, who leaves the Katwe slum for the first time in her life to play at the Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk. Chess is not just Tata or Linares, chess is not just Magnus Carlsen, chess is not just about novelties in the Sicilian. This is also chess.


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Ah, yes, Phiona .....

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Let's hope--and I'm not trying to be snide here, truly--but let's hope that FIDE and it's Third World movement can actually do something for kids like Phiona. It's supposed to be one of his priorities, isn't it, and "close to his heart." I don't believe him, because I don't believe him about a single thing, but please, please, Kirsan, if you are going to prove me wrong about anything then do this.

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Wow, what an incredible story. I'm hoping for Phiona Mutesi, that her dreams may come true.

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Totally agreeing with you. It is also nice (maybe interesting is a better word) to read stories like this and see that there is much more then just the big tournaments.

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Powerful. The most intriguing story I've ever read about chess.

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Someone said that "chess has the power to make people happy". This story just proved it right. My best wishes to Phiona Mutesi.

Thank you, Chessvibes, for sharing this story.

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