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Three draws in round 8 Nanjing

Three draws in round 8 NanjingIn round 8 of the Pearl Spring tournament in Nanjing all three games ended in draws before the first time control. Carlsen kept his full point lead in the standings; Anand and Bacrot share second place.

General info

The third Kanion Cup Nanjing Pearl Spring Chess Tournament takes place October 21-30 in Nanjing, China. Viswanathan Anand, Magnus Carlsen, Veselin Topalov, Wang Yue, Vugar Gashimov and Etienne Bacrot play a double round-robin with one rest day halfway. More info here.


Round 8 report

Today's round was the shortest so far, with all games ending in draws before the first time control and one game even lasting just 14 moves. Bacrot was apparently happy to draw with the white pieces against Gashimov, who could hardly play for a win himself in an Exchange Slav. The only thing to write about is that Bacrot had exactly the same draw with Gustafsson in January this year, but even that is a just a minor detail.


Carlsen watches Bacrot and Gashimov playing a quick draw

A bit better was Wang Yue-Carlsen. The Chinese grandmaster finally got his act together and played a fine game with the white pieces, keeping a small but nice advantage out of the opening. Carlsen gave a pawn ("an ugly pawn") to chase away the white pieces from the queenside and then a tiny inaccuracy by Wang was enough for the Norwegian to equalize completely.


Nothing changed in the standings today, except for the number of rounds still left - guess who's happy with that

Luckily for the fans there was also the game between Anand and Topalov, the matadors from the last World Championship match. Today the two fought out a complicated Catalan. Both players were having issues remembering all the prepared lines and getting the different move orders right, and then at some point Topalov duly sacrificed a knight on f2.

The playing hall during the 8th round

This move "was prepared by, as usual, by Ivan Cheparinov and me", Topalov said at the press conference. "After sacrificing the knight Black is getting close to full compensation," Anand said. Both players admitted that 24.Qd4 would have been better - this move gives some winning chances for White. "Somehow I missed something after 24.Qd6," Anand added. In the game the Indian soon realized that it was too dangerous to avoid his opponent's perpetual check.


Games round 8

Game viewer by ChessTempo

Pearl Spring (Nanjing) 2010 | Schedule & results
Pearl Spring (Nanjing) 2010 | Schedule & results

Pearl Spring (Nanjing) 2010 | Round 8 standings
Pearl Spring (Nanjing) 2010 | Round 8 standings


L-R An Indian chess fan, Anand, Topalov and his second GM Ivan Salgado Lopez

Photos by Yu Feng


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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


sriramatrix's picture

Did Anand miss a win somewhere ??

eric's picture

The videos are really good. Every event the videos become better. Intro, outtro, voice-overs with images, really well constructed.

However, as a whole they don't impress me as much as they could. There are 2 main reasons for this in my opinion.

Firstly, Macauley is a bit flat in my opinion, maybe he can move a bit more, walk towards the camera, things like this. Also his intonation could be a bit more lively, it's as if this is a highschool educational documentary instead of sports commenting.

Secondly, and maybe most importantly: where the music in earlier videos was excellent (exciting, energetic, and often at a high level musically) the music in these videos is plain horrible. The worst outdated eighties synthesiser 'please don't listen, this is not music it is just to fill up the silence'-music. Peter, I can't believe you really like this music! Was it a request from the organisers?

But these are easy things to improve, so I look forward to even better videos in the future!

Ganesh's picture

Is it possible to get the full press conference instead of just bits and pieces..? I feel lot of people would be interested in seeing that in the video...

Ainglepack's picture

Gashimov and bacrot made a mockery of the no-draw rule and played a pre-arranged game. There was no new move in their game. They didn't come out of the opening theory.

bernd's picture

the caption of the last photo says "indian chess fan": isn't this Anand's second Ganguly?

fgdfd's picture

Anand won't win his last games and even if he did Carlsen has white against Gashimov in the last round and if he needs a win there he will get it.

Suneet's picture

Anand missed 24 Qd4... winning position. Topalov did what he does best, sacrifice and pray to confuse... luckily for him prayers were half answered.

Mejnor's picture

Not convinced that 24.Qd4 is winning...sometime computers are like humans, they lie.

Frits Fritschy's picture

Anand might have had an objectively better position after 24.Qd4, but black has a lot of white diagonals to work with; not easy for white to consolidate. Maybe Anand just didn't like to go for a 60-move defense game again. After 25.Ke1 he confronted Topalov with a choice: keep on gambling or force the draw. Sometimes it just feels better to let your opponent choose for you...

Septimus's picture

Topalov's play and approach was brilliant. The guy is 100% entertainment with his OTB explosions.

Harish Srinivasan's picture

In my view, the vidoes are great as such and Macauley is doing a fantastic job. I like the news sort of report he gives. Only suggestion is as someone else had pointed, it will be good to have the full video of the press conference.

bernd's picture

the videos are very good, and very professionally done. Looking forward to many more of them ;-)

Full press conferences are often boring, so taking out the highlights is just fine.
Except of course the press conferences as in Wijk aan Zee, when the players demonstrate the games.

Thomas's picture

If the knight sacrifice was Bulgarian home preparation, the prep wasn't too deep this time - according to his own words, Topalov wasn't sure about his 22nd move after a relatively forced sequence. So it was more like "there is no refutation, hence it's playable" !? I wouldn't completely rule out that Topa was bluffing (lying?) - would he really admit "Anand surprised me in the opening, hence I had to take desperate measures" ?

On the other hand, Anand couldn't know - so for him it made practical sense to bail out with a draw rather than checking how deep the opponent's preparation was. Altogether, a relatively short but well-fought and correct draw !?

FlshStar's picture

To Eric, just be thankful we get to see their daily chess report and some videos from Nenjing chess tournament and its all free! Most of us really appreciate what Macauley Petersen and Peter Doggers do for us Chess fans. Unlike some people like Eric came here criticizing everything from Macauley" commenting to the music that play in the background, really Eric? get over it enjoy the chess news instead and stop the whining! Maybe Eric can grab his Camera and equipments and fly to Nenjing and show us how its done!
Thank you Macauley, Peter and ChessVibes for doing a great job.

SXL's picture

They should be Corus or London Classic style pressers, with the players going through the game. The question/answers format is harder to get engaged in -- but Macauley does a great job of putting up the positions as they are discussed,

Great job by Chessvibes. Thanks!

Axel's picture

I like the videos as they are too. Maybe you can add a link to the press conference.

Titu's picture

Macauley videos are great. Chessvibes beeing one of my fav sites.

But I have always thought that Macauley video reports are a bit too short (even the ICC videos in earlier years with Macauley). Let's say compared to Europe-Echecs or old pure Peter Doggers chessvibes video reports. These videos are not movies, don't need to be action packed with content and comments. I am just happy to see the players, before, during and after the games. No bits are boring.

So don't be afraid of putting in uneventful clips in the videos Macauley and Peter.


noyb's picture

I read with some amazement "eric's" criticisms of the videos. IMHO, these are of outstanding quality, better than many produced by major news/sports organizations. I was thinking Macauley missed his calling and should look for a cable news/network job! Excellent production quality.

chessrobot's picture

Carlsen cannot afford to draw his next matches in order to win first place; otherwise, Anand will.

Kaushik's picture

not to forget Peter too. . Great Job Chessvibes Team!! Keep it Up!! :)

Harish Srinivasan's picture

Another great video with Anand mentioning his almost blundering into mate. But still, I am sure Anand and Carlsen talked more after their game. It would have been fantastic to have captured that as well.

Septimus's picture

People always like to complain. FFS this is free stuff guys...if you don't like it and don't want to be constructive with your complaints...perhaps you can f*ck off ??!?

Chessvibes is great! Keep up the good work. Haters die in a fire.

labelled's picture

So the tourney is over then? Can`t see Carlsen loosing this....

chessrobot's picture

If Anand wins the next two matches, Anand wins first place.

CAL|Daniel's picture

When did Macauley start working for Chessvibes? I thought he was ICC..

eric's picture

I have said very clearly in my comment that the videos were very good. I have also tried to be constructive in my criticism: not only saying what I thought could be better, but also how. My sole intention was providing useful feedback. Apparently according to some I failed in this. Maybe my choice of words was a bit too harsh; I exaggerated because I thought it would make my point clearer.

Anyway, I meant no offense.

Thomas's picture

@CAL|Daniel: Apparently at the start of Nanjing 2010 - TWIC writes that Macauley is "now an independent producer".

CAL|Daniel's picture


I would offer one improvement which is to have the game viewer show all the games from the tournament thus far instead of JUST this round.

Baklaratov's picture

Think Carlsen will win this tourney now...

Gens una sumus's picture

The only bad think in your reports is that they end! :)
I am not a strong player but I really like chess and thanks to you I am injoying it every day.
Do not take some people to wrong if they critisize. It is very good to have critisizm in order to be better. Throwing a hate on them is just the same bad as maybe their critisizm! Let everyone have their own opinion and CV crue is here to deside if they are going to improve something or not.
Go chess vibes!

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