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TNT chess promo NBA

BasketballA link to the video was posted on Facebook by many chess players already, and it was brought to our attention by several readers. And yes, we do like it too: the chess promo for the National Basketball Association (NBA) on the American cable network TNT.


We thank Janis Nisii for providing us the transcript:

The first move requires no pieces; it is the look into the eyes of your opponent. The iron gaze of a warrior, the frozen stare of a man possessed, the piercing glare of a champion. Feel his years, a lifetime of hunger and hope, trifles and triumphs. Search his heart for fear, show him none in return. No single piece can win a match. Combine several, move them in concert and behold, a synchronized symphony of force. Push forward, attack, retreat. Or is it a trick?. A ruse to draw out the opposition. Be watchful, as one avenue closes another opens. Employ tactics that advance your aims, while complexing perplexing your rival. Be mindful of time, but do not grant a clock authority of over your reason. Defend with vigor; a skilled adversary is beatable when his movements are restricted, and his patterns are exposed. Tension grinds at the nerves. Emotion can weigh a man down, or lift him in the air. This is a game of kings, it is ballet of the brave brain choriagraphed choreographed on a wooden slam slab. Promise your foe one thing, doom. Accept only ultimate glory as your prize. Know that winning and losing are black and white. Master this game, and you will make the final move. After all have fallen, you must stand alone, crown intact.

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"perplexing", sorry

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corrections to the transcript:

"while PERPLAXING your rival"
"authority OVER your reason"
"ballet of the BRAIN"
"on a wooden SLAB"

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omg i came i saw i conquered no actually i just came omgomgomg

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Oops, I've corrected my own transcript after I've sent the email, but I didnt know it had been already published. I'm sorry for my mistakes. And while I'm here choriagraphed is spelled choreographed. Sowwwy.... :(

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Taking your opponents pieces by knocking them over, too cool! More hype from the people who have turned a great sport into a show business circus. btw the Great Celtic forward, Larry Bird (yes it's really him) plays chess at Game Knot. His rating is just under 2000. You can go there and challenge him to a game.

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I liked this video! It shows that there are true similarities between chess and physical sports!

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@Rob Brown: Unfortunately, he hasn't been on there for the past 90 days lol

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