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Two top events about to start

Two top events about to start

Less than a week after the end of the World Cup two new top events are about to start. On Sunday the first round of the European Club Cup will be played while on Monday the first round of the Grand Slam Masters Final is scheduled.

European Club Cup

The 27th European Club Cup for Men and 16th European Club Cup for Women will be held September 24th - October 2nd in Rogaska Slatina, a famous spa in Slovenia, located about 100 km from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, about 100 km from the Croatian capital Zagreb and about 100 km from Graz, Austria. It is organized by the European Chess Union, the Slovenian Chess Federation and Sahohlacnik Maribor (technical organizer). The Championship will be held in Grand Hotel Rogaska Slatina (Crystal hall and Music hall) and in the Convention Center of Hotel Sava Rogaška Slatina.

The Championship will be 7 rounds, played following the Swiss system in accordance with the ECU Tournament Rules. The time control will be 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one. The tournament will follow the 'zero-tolerance rule' which means that players are not allowed to arrive at the board after the start of the round. The teams shall be composed of six players.

Participation is open to:

  • Ekonomist SGSEU Saratov (Russia), the current cup holder in the men's competition.
  • Cercle d'Echecs de Monte Carlo, the current cup holder in the women's competition.
  • Two clubs per federation in which a national team championship is organised one club per federation in which no national team championship is organised.
  • Third club is allowed to that federation(s) in which a national team championship is organised provided that at least 20 grandmasters and/or players with a FIDE-rating over 2600 have participated in this national team championship.
  • One additional club (only in man competition) for the federations which are ranked in the first five places of the federation ranking list. For the competition 2011 the federations are Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Germany, Israel.

Each federation has to pay an entry fee of 300 EUR for the participating club for the men's competition and 200 EUR per participating club for the women's competition. The first team prize in the men's is 12,400 Euro and in the women's 4,000.

The Championship will be incredibly strong. For example, here are the line-ups of the strongest ten teams:

Bo. Ti. Name Rating Fed.
    1 SOCAR Rtg-Ø:2720  
1 GM Grischuk Alexander 2746 RUS
2 GM Sutovsky Emil 2700 ISR
3 GM Volokitin Andrei 2683 UKR
4 GM Kasimdzhanov Rustam 2669 UZB
5 GM Radjabov Teimour 2744 AZE
6 GM Safarli Eltaj 2622 AZE
7 GM Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 2765 AZE
8 GM Mamedov Rauf 2679 AZE
    2 SHSM-64 Rtg-Ø:2708  
1 GM Gelfand Boris 2746 ISR
2 GM Wang Hao 2718 CHN
3 GM Caruana Fabiano 2711 ITA
4 GM Giri Anish 2701 NED
5 GM Riazantsev Alexander 2688 RUS
6 GM Potkin Vladimir 2682 RUS
7 GM Grachev Boris 2680 RUS
8 GM Najer Evgeniy 2643 RUS
    3 Ekonomist SGSEU Saratov Rtg-Ø:2699  
1 GM Eljanov Pavel 2697 UKR
2 GM Moiseenko Alexander 2715 UKR
3 GM Roiz Michael 2669 ISR
4 GM Tomashevsky Evgeny 2707 RUS
5 GM Alekseev Evgeny 2659 RUS
6 GM Andreikin Dmitry 2696 RUS
7 GM Ni Hua 2662 CHN
8 GM Nepomniachtchi Ian 2711 RUS
    4 Saint-Petersburg Chess Federation Rtg-Ø:2698  
1 GM Svidler Peter 2739 RUS
2 GM Vitiugov Nikita 2733 RUS
3 GM Movsesian Sergei 2700 ARM
4 GM Efimenko Zahar 2706 UKR
5 GM Zvjaginsev Vadim 2659 RUS
6 GM Khairullin Ildar 2649 RUS
7 GM Matlakov Maxim 2632 RUS
    5 OSG Baden Baden Rtg-Ø:2695  
1 GM Adams Michael 2715 ENG
2 GM Shirov Alexei 2714 ESP
3 GM Bacrot Etienne 2710 FRA
4 GM Naiditsch Arkadij 2706 GER
5 GM Nielsen Peter Heine 2681 DEN
6 GM Gustafsson Jan 2634 GER
7 GM Nisipeanu Liviu-Dieter 2641 ROU
    6 Ugra Rtg-Ø:2693  
1 GM Jakovenko Dmitry 2736 RUS
2 GM Malakhov Vladimir 2706 RUS
3 GM Dreev Aleksey 2711 RUS
4 GM Rublevsky Sergei 2684 RUS
5 GM Zhigalko Sergei 2689 BLR
6 GM Sjugirov Sanan 2629 RUS
7 GM Kabanov Nikolai 2520 RUS
8 GM Pridorozhni Aleksei 2550 RUS
    7 Tomsk-400 Rtg-Ø:2691  
1 GM Ponomariov Ruslan 2764 UKR
2 GM Motylev Alexander 2685 RUS
3 GM Areshchenko Alexander 2682 UKR
4 GM Inarkiev Ernesto 2679 RUS
5 GM Bologan Viktor 2678 MDA
6 GM Khismatullin Denis 2656 RUS
7 GM Kurnosov Igor 2633 RUS
    8 A DAN DZO & PGMB Rtg-Ø:2654  
1 GM Jobava Baadur 2713 GEO
2 GM Korobov Anton 2671 UKR
3 GM Azarov Sergei 2648 BLR
4 GM Kryvoruchko Yuriy 2652 UKR
5 GM Guseinov Gadir 2625 AZE
6 GM Savchenko Boris 2615 RUS
7 GM Zubarev Alexander 2597 UKR
8 GM Zherebukh Yaroslav 2590 UKR
    9 Mika Yerevan Rtg-Ø:2623  
1 GM Sargissian Gabriel 2663 ARM
2 GM Pashikian Arman 2616 ARM
3 GM Petrosian Tigran L 2636 ARM
4 GM Andriasian Zaven 2616 ARM
5 GM Grigoryan Avetik 2608 ARM
6 GM Melkumyan Hrant 2600 ARM
7 GM Hovhannisyan Robert 2556 ARM
    10 G-Team Novy Bor Rtg-Ø:2615  
1 GM Wojtaszek Radoslaw 2683 POL
2 GM Laznicka Viktor 2681 CZE
3 GM Hracek Zbynek 2624 CZE
4 GM Bartel Mateusz 2611 POL
5 GM Markos Jan 2585 SVK
6 GM Cvek Robert 2506 CZE
7 GM Haba Petr 2504 CZE
8 GM Kalod Radek 2500 CZE

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Grand Slam Masters Final

The 4th edition of the Grand Slam Masters Final runs from September 25th until October 11th and will be played in two different venues. The first leg of this double round-robin event will be played in Sao Paulo, Brazil from 25th of September to 1st of October, and the second leg will be played in Bilbao, Spain from 6th to 11th of October. In both venues, the Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo and the Bilbao Alhóndiga, the traditional big class cube will be installed, inside which Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand, Levon Aronian, Vassily Ivanchuk, Hikaru Nakamura and Paco Vallejo will play a double round-robin.

The schedule looks as follows:

  • Round 1: September 26th , Sao Paulo.
  • Round 2: September 27th, Sao Paulo.
  • 28th September rest day.
  • Round 3: September 29th, Sao Paulo.
  • Round 4: September 30th, Sao Paulo.
  • Round 5 and closing ceremony: October 1st , Sao Paulo.
  • October 5th presentation in Bilbao.
  • Round 6: October 6th , Bilbao.
  • Round 7: October 7th , Bilbao.
  • Round 8: October 8th , Bilbao.
  • October 9th rest day,
  • Round 9: October 10th , Bilbao.
  • Round 10, October 11th , Bilbao.

The rate of play will be 90 minutes for the first 40 moves plus 60 minutes to finish the game, with 10 seconds increment per move from move number 41. Players are not allowed to agree to a draw without the arbiter’s permission. In case both players request it to him, the arbiter will make his decision after consulting with the technical assistant: GM Jose Luis Fernandez. The football scoring system will be used: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 for a loss.

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Grans Slam Masters final - Awesome line up. Wish we had Karjakin, Kramnik, and in his current form, Peter Svidler also!

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