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Video: Euwe matches in Amsterdam

Successful Euwe matches in AmsterdamFrom Thursday till Sunday five young, Dutch chess talents each played a 4-game match against an experienced grandmaster of their choice. On 'top board', Anish Giri and Nigel Short both won one game, and drew twice. Pictorial report and a video with interviews with all the players.

The Euwe matches took place May 13-16 at the same building, but a few floors above where the Max Euwe Center is located, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Five young, Dutch chess talents were given the opportunity to play four games against one opponent of grandmaster level, whom they could chose themselves. The matches and scores were:

Euwe matches 2010 | Scores

Euwe matches 2010 | Scores 2010

Video report (click image to play)

Game viewer

Game viewer by ChessTempo

playing hall

The playing hall, three floors above the Max Euwe Center in Amsterdam, with...


...Nigel Short versus...


...Anish Giri


Lubomir Ftacnik versus...


...Robin van Kampen


Yasser Seirawan versus...


...Benjamin Bok


Sebastian Siebrecht versus...


...Lisa Schut


Dennis de Vreugt versus...


...Anne Haast


Commentary was done in the Max Euwe Center itself...


...on Saturday by Genna Sosonko...

sosonko & short

...who was joined by Nigel Short, who suggested to show his victory against Giri, and naturally Sosonko agreed. Short: 'He is incredibly optimistic, Anish.' Sosonko: 'Well, I saw you when you were 15...'

sosonko & short

Two experienced GMs pointing out the Veresov opening


Short clearly satisfied...


...with a victory of just 23 moves



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vooruitgang's picture

Great report! Thank you so much. Excellent video too.

Maybe one day we will speak of the "Dutch Chess School" in the same manner as the "Soviet Chess School".

Thank you sponsors of Max Euwe center.

Jo's picture

Giri squeezed the life out of Short - like a Boa constrictor on an ocelot.

Was instructive to me - how Giri was able to maintain the bind for so long even though Short was creative in trying to escape from it.

Not sure if bind is the precise term, but Short certainly ended up in one:)

Ron's picture

Yes, that was a great game by Giri.

Antichrist's picture

Where's the 'hot' emoticon on here?

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