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VIDEO: Grischuk-Topalov

In our second video from Linares we give the mic to Alexander Grischuk, who gave his view on his victory over Topalov. "I didn't understand why people thought I had no chance against him."


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Author: Peter Doggers

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Ron's picture

Topalov wins Linares. I was following Ipatovs comments on Chessdom and clearly this IM did not understand the end game at all !

voyteck's picture

I would love to see the moments when players resign, but I seldom can...

By the way, definitely too much treble.

Nizamsky's picture

We are lucky have a chance to see one of the great chess game between this two chess titanic. Personally I'm still expecting Topalov to fight back in his last game.

Thomas's picture

It may rather be that GM Gelfand didn't understand the endgame ...

bird's picture

It´s a pity this is the unique video i can see of this tournament. At the official site no videos :(

asmfayc's picture

please make more great videos!

noel's picture

this is interesting video.personally i like them both in the interview.

mishanp's picture

For the record Grischuk must be referring to:

Ljubojevi? is quoted as saying:
- Grischuk's a very strong chess player, but to win "on demand" against Topalov? I don't know if there's any chess player still playing today who's capable...

Though this is the same Ljubojevi? who said that Anand would "eat" Topalov if he played in the same way he played the games he won against Grischuk and Vallejo.

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