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VIDEO: Interview Veselin Topalov

In our last video from Linares we speak with Veselin Topalov, just after he won his first Linares. He talks about the game against Gelfand and several other topics, and it includes a brief comment by Grischuk as well as footage from the closing ceremony. Below we give many photos from the closing.

The closing ceremony started with music from the Andrés Segovia Choir

Host was Leontxo Garcia

The players in front row enjoying the ceremony

Organizer Paco Albalate, during the rest of the year French teacher

Arbiters Juan Vargas and Faik Gasanov with Paco Albalate

A speech by the President of the Spanish Chess Federation, Javier Ochoa de Echagüen

Paco Vallejo receives last prize from the mayor of Linares himself, Juan Fernández

Boris Gelfand with Javier Ochoa de Echagüen

Vugar Gashimov with Antonia Olivares, a Province delegate occupied with turism

A speech by the secretary general of sports of the Andalucía region, Manuel Jimenez

Levon Aronian and Vugar Gashimov

Topalov and Aronian just received the prize (excellent olive oil) for 'most beautiful game'

All players together on stage during one of the speeches

The mayor of Linares gives Topalov the trophy

The trophy (1st prize): a mine shaft - Linares was a mining city until 1991

Proud winner of Linares 2010: Veselin Topalov

Some final words by the mayor...

...and a final group photo with all players and authorities.

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Author: Peter Doggers

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Does anyone know how much were the prices??

Thanks in advance

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1º.- 75.000 euros
2º.- 50.000 euros
3º.- 30.000 euros
4º.- 25.000 euros
5º.- 20.000 euros
6º.- 15.000 euros

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great video Peter ... thank you!

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Great job Topalov. Saludos desde Mexico

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very beautiful

What-I-Think-Is's picture

Beautiful music!

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Great music! Great video! Well done Topalov!

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LOL at 0:15, it seems that the music disturbed Gelfand ... he turned his head..

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Nice to see Aronian and Gashimov smiling together on the photo - no Armenia-Azerbaijn animosities between them!?

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Thank you ChessVibes for the excelllent coverage!

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That song is called "Cantares" wrote by Joan Manuel Serrat. I also found beautiful this version of "Un beso y una flor" (A kiss and a flower) by the Andres Segovia Choir and wanted to share it:

And here is a translation for "Un beso y una flor":

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Aronian and Carlsen are the next generation players))) Excellent players

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