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Video interview with Anatoly Karpov on FIDE President candidacy

Karpov announces FIDE President candidacy“I feel like I can make some changes, and chess needs changes.” Yesterday Anatoly Karpov officially announced his FIDE President candidacy in Rijeka, where the European Championship is currently taking place. Europe-Echecs published a video interview with the 12th World Champion and shared it with us.

Video Europe-Echecs


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Sorry guys, but I think europe-echecs should really reconsider where it hosts its videos.
Every time I try to see a video of them it;s really slow or it just freezes.
It just sucks cause I think that Mr. Fontaine does really nice videos (if you neglect the horrible accent :D)

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It's great to see Karpov running for the presidency. PR-wise for sure--hopefully it'll be action-wise, too. Good luck, 12th!

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