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Videos: Veselin Topalov and David Navara

Videos: Veselin Topalov and David Navara

Two videos in one report this time, produced by the Tata Steel tournament crew. To start, there's Veselin Topalov being interviewed by Ivan Sokolov during a sponsor's dinner. And, after beating Levon Aronian in the 11th round, David Navara showed his game in the press room. Enjoy!

Veselin Topalov

David Navara

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I like Topalov. He's put his entire life into Chess and has risen to the top as a result. Because of his antics though against Anand/Kramnik people think of him as a villain, but I blame alot of that on Danailov. Topalov himself though is a very nice person and it's a pleasure to see him play in this tournament. I don't think, no matter what happens, the very community he's lived his life around should turn on him and shun him forever. That, above all else is the most disrespectful.

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Quote: "but I blame alot of that on Danailov"


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Amazing to watch Navara's presentation. His mind is so fast, and he is so objective, and his enthusiasm for the game is there all the time.

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"I don't know who is winning, but it's certainly not Black" LOL

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Great interview by Topalov, he is a very nice guy. All those who accuse him for what happened with Kramnik should not do that, as they were not there and as Topa put it, "there are a lot things which are not known to the general public".

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why has Topalov totally fallen off the map as the elite guy. He was only atop the chess world as the man for like 1-2 years. Kind of strange. He doesnt even finish top 3 or 4 anymore. I know Carlsen has passed him since then, which makes sense since he is so young and naturally still improving. But Kramnik, and Anand are clearly superior, while Aronian, Nakamura and a host of other guys are consistently better too. I just think it is strange that he appeared so dominant only a few years ago and now there are so many stronger players than him.

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