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Who already qualified for the World Cup?

This week FIDE published an almost complete list of qualifiers for the 2009 World Cup, scheduled for November 20-December 15 in Khanty-Maniysk, Russia. The winner cashes USD 120,000 and will qualify for the Candidates stage of the World Championship cycle 2009-2011.

The FIDE World Cup 2009 will be a knockout tournament of 128 players, held from November 20th till December 15th, 2009 in Khanty-Maniysk, Russia, just like the previous two World Cups won by Levon Aronian and Gata Kamsky respectively.

Khanty-Mansiysk is an oil boom town in Russia, the administrative center of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. It is located on the Irtysh River, 15 km from its confluence with the Ob. Besides the World Cups, Khanty-Mansiysk was the venue of the 2003 Biathlon World Championships, and in 2005 the first Mixed Biathlon Relay (4×6 km) took place there.

World Cup format

There shall be 6 rounds of matches comprising two 2 games per round, with the winners progressing to the next round, plus the final seventh (7th) round comprising of four (4) games.
Round 1: there shall be 128 players
Round 2: there shall be 64 players
Round 3: there shall be 32 players
Round 4: there shall be 16 players
Round 5: there shall be 8 players
Round 6: there shall be 4 players
Round 7: there shall be 2 players

The time control shall be 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds per move from move one. For the first 6 rounds, each match shall be played over 2 games and the winner of a match shall be the first player to score 1.5 or more points. The final 7th round will be a match played over 4 games and the winner of the World Cup will be the first player to score 2.5 or more points.

Extended tiebreak

This edition will feature an extended format for tiebreaks. A maximum of four rapid games will be played, and if the score is still equal, there will be up to five pairs of blitz games. If the tie is broken after any pair of games, the tiebreak will end. Failing that, an armageddon game will be played, where players will have three-second increments beginning with move 61.

Prize fund

Round 1 losers:   64 x   USD   6,000  (net 4,800)  USD 384,000 
Round 2 losers:   32 x   USD  10,000  (net 8,000)  USD 320,000 
Round 3 losers:   16 x   USD  16,000  (net 12,800) USD 256,000 
Round 4 losers:    8 x   USD  25,000  (net 20,000) USD 200,000 
Round 5 losers:    4 x   USD  35,000  (net 28,000) USD 140,000 
Round 6 losers:    2 x   USD  50,000  (net 40,000) USD 100,000 
Runner-up:         1 x   USD  80,000  (net 64,000) USD  80,000 
World Cup winner:  1 x   USD 120,000  (net 96,000) USD 120,000 
Total:                                           USD 1,600,000

Who qualify?

  • World Champion;
  • 4 semi-finalists from the World Cup 2007;
  • Women's World Champion;
  • World Junior U-20 Champions 2007 & 2008;
  • 20 rated players;
  • 90 players from Continental Championships;
  • 6 FIDE President nominees;
  • 4 organiser nominees.

For the purpose of deciding the 20 rated player qualifiers, as well as any replacements, the average from the following lists will be used; rating of July 2008 plus rating of January 2009 divided by 2.

Qualifiers so far

Below you'll find the current list of qualifiers for the World Cup 2009. Qualified players have to confirm their participation no later than September 9th, 2009.


a) From World Championship Match 2008:
1. V. Anand (IND - World Champion)

b) From World Cup 2007:
2. G. Kamsky (USA)
3. A. Shirov (ESP)
4. M. Carlsen (NOR)
5. S. Karjakin (UKR)

c) Women's World Champion 2008:
6. A. Kosteniuk (RUS)

d) Junior World Champions 2007 & 2008:
7. A. Adly (EGY)
8. A. Gupta (IND)

d) From FIDE Rating List, 20 players, average 7/2008 & 1/2009:
9. V. Topalov (BUL) 2786,50
10. V. Ivanchuk (UKR) 2780,00
11. A. Morozevich (RUS) 2779,50
12. V. Kramnik (RUS) 2773,50
13. T. Radjabov (AZE) 2752,50
14. P. Leko (HUN) 2746,00
15. L. Aronian (ARM) 2743,50
16. D. Jakovenko (RUS) 2734,50
17. S. Mamedyarov (AZE) 2733,00
18. P. Svidler (RUS) 2730,50
19. A. Grischuk (RUS) 2730,50
20. B. Gelfand (ISR) 2726,50
21. M. Adams (ENG) 2723,50
22. R. Ponomariov (UKR) 2722,00
23. Wang Yue (CHN) 2721,50
24. V. Gashimov (AZE) 2720,00
25. E. Alekseev (RUS) 2713,00
26. L. Dominguez Perez (CUB) 2712,50
27. Ni Hua (CHN) 2707,00
28. E. Bacrot (FRA) 2706, 50

e) 46 players from European Championships 2008 & 2009

29. S. Tiviakov (NED) 2008
30. S. Movsesian (SVK) 2008
31. S. Volkov (RUS) 2008
32. P. Tregubov (RUS) 2008
33. E. L’Ami (NED) 2008
34. M. Vachier-Lagrave (FRA) 2008
35. B. Grachev (RUS) 2008
36. V. Baklan (UKR) 2008
37. Y. Kryvoruchko (UKR) 2008
38. T. Nyback (FIN) 2008
39. E. Sutovsky (ISR) 2008
40. V. Laznicka (CZE) 2008
41. D. Pavasovic (SLO) 2008
42. Z. Efimenko (UKR) 2008
43. I. Papaioannou (GRE) 2008
44. A. Khalifman (RUS) 2008
45. E. Najer (RUS) 2008
46. D. Andreikin (RUS) 2008
47. G. Sargissian (ARM) 2008
48. J. Gustafsson (GER) 2008
49. L. Fressinet (FRA) 2008
50. I. Smirin (ISR) 2008
51. V. Bologan (MDA) 2008
52. E. Tomashevsky (RUS) 2009
53. V. Malakhov (RUS) 2009
54. B. Jobava (GEO) 2009
55. E. Inarkiev (RUS) 2009
56. I. Sokolov (NED) 2009
57. A. Naiditsch (GER) 2009
58. D. Navara (CZE) 2009
59. M. Kobalia (RUS) 2009
60. G. Guseinov (AZE) 2009
61. G. Meier (GER) 2009
62. F. Nijboer (NED) 2009
63. S. Fedorchuk (UKR) 2009
64. A. Timofeev (RUS) 2009
65. S. Sjugirov (RUS) 2009
66. M. Bartel (POL) 2009
67. R. Mamedov (AZE) 2009
68. B. Savchenko (RUS) 2009
69. K. Sakaev (RUS) 2009
70. N. Vitiugov (RUS) 2009
71. T. L. Petrosian (ARM) 2009
72. L. Nisipeanu (ROU) 2009
73. C. Lupulescu (ROU) 2009
74. A. Motylev (RUS) 2009

19 players from Americas

75. I. Morovic Fernandez (CHI) Zonal 2.5
76. A. Rodriguez Vila (URU) Zonal 2.5
77. H. Nakamura (USA) Zonal 2.1
78. R. Hess (USA) Zonal 2.1
79. A. Onischuk (USA) Zonal 2.1
80. V. Akobian (USA) Zonal 2.1
81. Y. Shulman (USA) Zonal 2.1
82. A. Fier (BRA) Zonal 2.4
83. R. Leitao (BRA) Zonal 2.4
84. L. Bruzon (CUB) Zonal 2.3
85. E. Iturrizaga (VEN) Zonal 2.3
86. J. Hebert (CAN) Zonal 2.2
87. J. Ehlvest (USA) Continental 2008
88. A. Shabalov (USA) Continental 2009
89. F. Corrales Jimenez (CUB) Continental 2009
90. J. Granda Zuniga (PER) Continental 2009
91. G. Milos (BRA) Continental 2009
92. D. Flores (ARG) Continental 2009
93. A. Ivanov (USA) Continental 2009

g) 19 players from Asia/Oceania

94. S. Ganguly (IND) Continental
95. Zhou Weiqi (CHN) Continental
96. Yu Yangyi (CHN) Continental
97. Yu Shaoteng (CHN) Continental
98. Le Quang Liem (VIE) Continental
99. A. Rogelio Jr (PHI) Continental
100. Hou Yifan (CHN) Continental
101. C. Sandipan (IND) Continental
102. K. Sasikiran (IND) Continental
103. A. Kunte (IND) Continental
104. Wang Hao (CHN) Zonal 3.5
105. Zhou Jianchao (CHN) Zonal 3.5
106. D. Smerdon (AUS) Zonal 3.6
107. J. Sriram (IND) Zonal 3.2
108. D. Laylo (PHI) Zonal 3.3
109. Wesley So (PHI) Zonal 3.3
110. Al Sayed, Mohamed N. (QAT) Zonal 3.1
111. Amonatov, A. (TJK) Zonal 3.4
112. Filipov, A. (UZB) Zonal 3.4

g) 6 players from Africa

113. B. Amin (EGY)
114. K. Abdel Razik (EGY)
115. E. El Gindy (EGY)
116. W. Sarwat (EGY)
117. M. Ezat (EGY)
118. A. Rizouk (ALG)

h) 6 nominees of the FIDE President

119. To be announced…
120. To be announced…
121. To be announced…
122. To be announced…
123. To be announced…
124. To be announced…

i) 4 nominees of the local Organising Committee

125. To be announced…
126. To be announced…
127. To be announced…
128. To be announced…

Total = 128 players

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me's picture

Read the regulations.

If a player declines to participate he/she is replacemd from the event he/she qualified. In case of rating qualifiers as well as special invitations (a to d) the replacements come from the rating list.

While Sokolov transfered to Bosnian federation on April 22nd he can represent Bosnia in FIDE events from January 1st 2010 onwards. He has to play the World Cup under the Dutch flag.

Meppie's picture

Ivan Sokolov is playing for Bosnia, not for The Netherlands anymore....

CAL|Daniel's picture

Joshua Friedel replaces Nakamura.

stephen's picture

Hasn't Stanley Vaughan qualified ?'s picture

World Cup Prize Fund...

I was reading the Chessvibes article on the World Cup and was amazed at the magnitude of the prize fund ... basically everyone is a winner.

Round 1 losers: 64 x USD 6,000 (net 4,800) USD 384,000
Round 2 losers: 32 x USD 10,000 (net 8,...

me's picture


Thomas's picture

At least five players from the above list(s) will not play the World Cup because they prefer the London tournament at the same time: Carlsen, Kramnik, Adams, Ni Hua, Nakamura. What are the rules for replacing them? For the rating qualifiers [item d) above] probably the next ones on the list - but Carlsen qualified from the previous World Cup, and Nakamura from the zonal tournament.

There may be more qualified players declining to play the World Cup, we will have to wait until at least 9th September (deadline to confirm their participation).

me's picture

LOL. Good thing that some time ago I stoped visiting chessbase site. It used to be "chess news" site but now it's just a.......I don't even know how to describe it.

I know it is supposed to be funny, but I'm to densed to understand the joke. Anyone here care to elaborate on the Stanley Vaughan joke? Google puts out some Vaughan vs. USCF lawsuit and I don't care to read it, but on quick glance it has nothing to do with Fischer or World Championship. So whats the essence of the joke?

dave bee's picture

Champion of the Universe Stanley Vaughan doesn't need to qualify. Even so, I'm sure he won't be playing; let's face it, Anand, Karjakin, Topalov, Ivanchuk... they're all too weak for him to waste his time with.

[ If anyone is totally baffled, Stan Vaughan is the latest in a long list of idiots who have had delusions about their abilities. See for starters ]

mircelalettin's picture

Does Kramnik have any fighting spirit? Guts? Perhaps no. Instead of participating the world cup, he will go to London tournament just to achieve more draws to break the world draw record.
As a Kramnik fan, I am definitely disappointed. Is he waiting for another coincidental opportunity to play a championship match? Maybe yes.
He doesn't deserve anymore attention. He doesn't have any self-confidence and that seems the only problem there is.

Thomas's picture

@mircelalettin: At the very least, Kramnik is not the only one who prefers London ovr the World Cup (see my first post in this thread). And concerning qualification for the candidates tournament, it is debatable which event gives him better chances:
- He can win the World Cup. But there can be only one, and there is arguably some luck involved (drawing of opponents, possible blitz and Armaggedon tiebreaks).
- He can gain rating points in London to qualify based on his ELO.
Of course to do so, he has to show more than merely "achieving more draws" - but a +3 =7 score as in Dortmund would probably do the job ... .

This does not rule out other considerations: The London tournament may be more attractive financiallly spoken (at least in terms of _guaranteed_ money). And in November/December, London is a nicer place than Khanty-Mansiysk, Siberia!?

Conerning your second paragraph, you are at most a former Kramnik fan - the tone of your post is rather indistinguishable from those of persistent Kramnik bashers ... .

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