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World Championship: Anand wins game three with Black

Kramnik-Anand, Game 3, 0-1Update: video added.
Viswanathan Anand has taken the lead in the 2008 World Championship Match. He defeated Vladimir Kramnik in a great, but very complicated struggle that lasted 41 moves.

The third day in Bonn was a great day in Bonn. Actually it was a great day for any chess fan around the world, and just a tiny bit more for Anand fans. With the black pieces the reigning world champion defeated challenger Vladimir Kramnik in a Meran Semi-Slav, after coming up with a very interesting and virtually new pawn sacrifice.

Kramnik's reaction to Anand's top-notch preparation was superb as well: instead of getting his own king under fire, the Russian decided to go for a promising piece "sacrifice" that yielded White three pawns and what looked like a strong attack on top of that.

But then it was Anand's turn again. With some accurate moves he managed to manoever his king into safety and return the piece under favourable circumstances. Suddenly it was Black who had the initiative again, and to this second wave of pressure Kramnik finally succumbed. With about six minutes for eight moves, he made the decisive mistake afer which Anand went for a long but forced line that led to a win. That he missed a much quicker win there was not important.


Even the weather was great today, but still, the spectators would soon realize that they had made a wise choice...

kunsthalle02 go inside the Kunsthalle, becausethey'd soon be watching a great show


The actors on stage: Vladimir Kramnik & Viswanathan Anand


Not Exchange Slav this time...

kramnik, a main line Meran Semi-Slav...


...after many complications eventually won by Anand, just after the first time control

Here's the third game of the match. Sit down, relax and enjoy!

Name Nat. Rtg
Anand IND 2783
Kramnik RUS 2772

Here's our playlist of videos:


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king's knight's picture

Game worth a thousand words. Kramnik's seconds needs to work overtime now

Ark's picture

KRamnik is the arrogant one really, now he will eat his words about being the better match player since he just lost with his pet defence to d4

burgerman's picture

May be a stupid question. Why did Kremnick resigned. Can somebody tell me the steps for Anand to win?


burgerman's picture

The way these grandmasters play, I never figure out why they resign!!!!!!!! in the end, I thought Kremnick is one move away from making a queen.

peter's picture

If you spell the Black player's name right I might tell you.

hary's picture

Nice first survey of this beautiful game! But why don?Ǭ¥t you let us know explicitely who commented the game? The name of the commentator is nearly as important as the names of the players. To make your nice site even nicer a download possibilitiy would be great.

Frits Fritschy's picture

Damian, I don't like your comment.
You attack two of the greatest players of our game fot their off-the-board behaviour, Why not add Michael Tal, a drunkard and drug addict?
Oh, how lucky we are that well behaved gentleman can also play exciting chess! That really gives hope for our meagre bourgeois lives...

I hope we get some more great games, even at the cost of some childish ranting and drunken disbehaviour of the players.

c2_n's picture

A very nice game from 2 great players! It was very interesting to see how the open "g-file" became the flood gate of black's attack. White had some interesting attack on black's "uncastled king" but black's defense was sufficient - very interesting game. :-). Go Anand!

Ricardo's picture

Frits, I don't like yours.

I'm guessing when you support someone you take into consideration off-the-board aspects of that someone, regardless of the sport. Or maybe you don't, but it's not that weird.

In any case, more than "attacks" I would call it statements unless you pretend to deny what Damian pointed out. Nobody is saying they weren't great players as far as I can see.

Oh well, this is the beauty of the internet, isn't it? ;-)

burgerman's picture

Peter: You are so stupid. Kramnik is playing white and Anand is playing black. I spelled Anand's name right. You dont even know which player is playing which color. Now do you have an answer, why Kramnik resigned??

Said's picture

Great game!!

freezerr's picture

Anand can make a series of checks to win the b-pawn, and then the a-pawn.

burgerman's picture

freezerr : You are good. Thanks for explanation. Are you a grandmaster? If you are not I will nominate you to be one.

Ark's picture

Kramnik resigned because he's playing like a patzer!

kievit's picture

Thanks for the "start of a real analysis" of this impressive game!

There is a typo at the end: there are still *nine* games to play, not seven. :-)

Jonas's picture

Nice game, nice site.

cyril chua's picture

Great game. A classic like Nadal v Federer. Kramnik did well too.

alegs1's picture

cyril chua, your comparison is wrong,
Kramnik is the CHALLENGER (like NADAL) and its ANAND(like FEDERER) who won :)

tommy's picture

any suggestions for the opening tomorrow? e4 or d4?

Theo's picture

It would be great if Anand played 1.e4 just to put Kramnik under extra pressure! :)

sjef's picture

Maybe tomorrow Anand plays d4 and if Kramnik (Kremnick haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!) answers with d5 Anand can play the exanged Slav as white this time and crush Kramnik. Easy. So Kramnik will play another Nimzo and actually level the match. Can't wait.

Vikas Chaudhari's picture

Best game of the match to be played !!!!!!
Anand keeping his cool, walking on a tight rope drives the white king outside.
Great operation on the Black's left side of the Board !!

santiago's picture

In the commentary above, in the analysis after 29. Rd1, GM Gustaffson gives a much stronger line for black, 29...Rg1+ 30. Kd2 Rg2 31. Qe3 Rxf2+ 32. Be2 Qa5+ 33. Qc3 Qf5 with a nice game for black

clever's picture

can you shut the photographers and media people up during the press conference ???

the audio is very unprofessional!


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