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World Championship now live, no delay

Anand-Kramnik LIVEAs from today you can watch the games of the World Chess Championship match between Anand and Kramnik LIVE.

Because of Foidos, the new online chess game broadcast system, all other websites, including the offical website of the World Chess Championship, could only broadcast the games of the Anand-Kramnik with a half-hour delay.

After it turned out that Playchess, and other sites, ignored the half-hour delay that was enforced by the organizers and Foidos, yesterday ICC also decided to simply bring the moves live online.

And so as from today, Foidos drops the 30-minute delay rule, so from now on you can watch the World Championship games live, in real-time, at ChessVibes. So enjoy game 4!

Games start at 15:00 CET / 09:00 EST on October 14 & 15, 17 & 18, 20 & 21, 23 & 24, 26 & 27, 29 and 31.

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Author: Peter Doggers

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Any thoughts on the current position after 25 .. Qe5 26 Nf3 Qf6? Who is better here? Of course Anand didnt go for Qc1+ Rxc1 Rxc1 Bf1 Ba6 h3 where white is winning. But how about this position? I do not dare to evaluate this, superficially it seems to me white is consolidating and could have a better position to,i am afraid for the a and b pawns in the long run, but i'm just a patzer. Who can give me some (grand)masterly insight?

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It's all over Kramnik blundered with Nxd4!

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Yoo Hoo! Anand does it again with black!!

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Wow! Anand has out-prepared Kramnik in the Slav. Russians must be wondering what in the world has happened. I'll bet you can hear the shouts of joy in India all the way in Bonn. The Tiger of Madras roars!

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Thanks Peter.

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I don't know what the deal is, but Chessbase have their logo appearing on the Foidos webpage and elsewhere. Chessbase have also very conspicuously chosen not to have live commentaries etc at playchess.
This whole Foidos deal for Fide looks more and more fishy and it is certainly not made for the benefit of chess. This is not how we get chess out to a larger audience, on the contrary, we make it even harder by scaring sponsors away.

Shape up, FIDE!

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I think this Foidos deal was designed to be a part of Microsoft's push for their Flash competitor wannabe, Silverlight. The point being that to follow the games, people would have to install Silverlight. Now , Silverlight is only available for Windows, so as Linux user I can only be thankful that their scheme seems to have failed.

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are there online comments of the game?

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all I can say is, f**k foidos!

30 min delay as anti-cheating measure? your lies have been exposed

phi's picture

Is it really live ? Or are they still trying to cheat by a few minutes ?

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Why the delay in posting the game four press conference? Again!

peter's picture

try F5 or Ctrl-F5?

peter's picture

Clifford, if you weren't sitting right next to me I would give you a lifetime ban from the site. ;-)

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The best

Civilization and it's discontents's picture

Peter, I vote that you erase burgerman's comments and block his future posts. Most who read these pages sure appreciate the time and energy you put into your fine chess journalism. I enjoy most comments made by those who post here, but unfortunately chess also appeals to the histrionic and insecure. For the sake of chess fans, would you please eliminate the trash?

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Hello Chessvibes, where are all the pictures from the match? Please post more pictures...

peter's picture

Well, in the other articles.

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I second Civilization and it's discontents. Please, people -- Peter is doing this for free, for our benefit. Get off his case. This is a very cool site.

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