July 31, 2012 9:19

Yazici proposes "suspension from FIDE" of seven big federations

Ali Nihat Yazici

Ali Nihat Yazici, the President of the Turkish Chess Federation, has proposed to "suspend from FIDE" the seven chess federations that started two court cases against the World Chess Federation recently. The proposal is put on the agenda of the FIDE Congress which will be held next month in Istanbul.

Ali Nihat Yazici | Photo by Anastasia Karlovich

Last Friday FIDE published the Agenda and Annexes for the 83rd FIDE Congress, scheduled from 1 to 10 September 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. Lots of interesting topics will be discussed in the meetings that traditionally take place alongside the Olympiad. One of the most remarkable proposals is the following (annex 60), by Ali Nihat Yazici, who recently returned in the function of FIDE Vice-President.

From: Ali Nihat YAZICI [mailto:baskan@tsf.org.tr]
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2012 11:57 AM
To: 'Nigel Freeman'
Cc: 'FIDE Secretariat'
Subject: TSF Proposal for court CASES

Dear Mr.Freeman,

As you know 5 federations of FIDE (French, USCF, Ukraine, German, Switzerland) have sued in 2010 FIDE, together with Karpov and they lost court case, and FIDE has spent 1.000.000 USD to defend itself.
We are very worried after that for the court case with very similar political reason, Georgian Chess Federation and English Chess Federation has opened against FIDE in Cas.
It looks like, only to give a damage those bad examples may increase in the future. For me it is very big pain seeing that this huge amount of money instead of being used for chess went to waste. The situation should not stay as it is and w [sic] should react that. That is not acceptable.
Therefore, we ask FIDE General Assembly in Istanbul that those 7 federations must be given suspension from FIDE including players, arbiters, trainers, ratings and organising FIDE rated events, till damage is covered by those federations.
Also to stop those court cases in the future without any reason we propose to add a mechanism before going to court. Our proposal is all decisions in FIDE management maybe appealed in FIDE Ethical Commission. Only FIDE Ethical Commission decisions may be challenged in CAS. We know that we should change statue and some legal issues. But if we stay what we are and doing nothing for that matter, this abusing manner will be repeated.
We will be happy if you confirm that you got this e-mail on 7th June 2012 and will carry it to agenda of General Assembly.

Best regards,

Ali Nihat YAZICI
President of Turkish Chess Federation 

Yazici's proposal is an extension of an earlier measure against these seven chess federations. On June 7th we reported about this: the Turkish Chess Federation rejected arbiters from England, France, Georgia, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and USA at the Olympiad, because their federations "launched or supported court cases against FIDE and thus created financial problems for FIDE and a loss of distributable income for worldwide chess development." The above proposal for the FIDE Congress is also dated June 7th. Only now, with the publishing of the FIDE Congress Agenda, it becomes clear that Yazici wants to go even further.

The decision by the Turkish Chess Federation to reject arbiters met strong criticism. The seven federations issued a formal protest, and the action was strongly condemned by the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP), the European Chess Union and also the Russian Chess Federation. It's slightly surprising that there hasn't been a reaction yet to Yazici's (new) proposal.

Yazici's second suggestion, to add the possibility to appeal FIDE management decisions in the FIDE Ethics Commission, makes a somewhat artificial impression. The goal is to prevent federations from sueing FIDE at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) for management decisions: "Only FIDE Ethics Commission decisions may be challenged in CAS." However, it probably needs further legal investation to determine whether FIDE can decide itself what can be challenged at CAS and what not.

Spanish chess player WIM Patricia Llaneza reacted on the matter with the following tweet:  

According to Ali Nihat Yazici, if you sue FIDE you should be banned from FIDE, and if you sue ECU you should become ECU president. #chess?

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Author: Peter Doggers


Bastian's picture

Hmm, so FIDE can do what they want, and if you try to sue them you'll be excluded? Does Mr. Yazici actually realize which damage he is doing to FIDE right now (not that they've been doing well before, but that's just ridiculous). Maybe the Federations mentioned in his proposal should get together and found a new chess federation to take care of chess and not of their personal interests and politics

Zeblakob's picture

A complete non-sense, a sort of [intellectual] terrorism ....

Casaubon's picture

Fantastic idea. In fact, just suspend all countries from FIDE.

Anonymous2's picture


Martin's picture


Lee's picture

This guy is a peanut.

columbo's picture

what about a common strike from ALL COUNTRIES against this little gentleman ?!?!?!? In order to teach him how to be nice with Vendredi !!!

Gilles's picture

It looks more & more like the World Wrestling Federation. Hulk Hogan & the Undertaker are coming.

Rini Luyks's picture

Typical bobo talk,. first of all the guy should take an English course, for me "it is very big pain" to read his writings :)

guitarspider's picture

I usually look beyond those mistakes, but he also wants to "change statue", which is hilarious.

ozan's picture

it would be great if all countries drop out from istanbul chess olympiads! that may not teach this guy how to react! but at least it might force some of the turkish chess community members to get rid of from him!

PeterV's picture

Ah, the clown!

Anonymous's picture

Oh yes, we simply got to admit it: Ali is not only back to office, but at the same time funnier than ever !! What a fantsatic idea once again, honestly the guy simply never misses on a good slapstick to the amusement of his audience. Nigel Short, a great comedian and (former) world class chess player in his own right, probably happily admits that Ali's performance is simply a class of its own. Our local chess club decided to nominate him for the "Gens una sumus" Comedy Order of Merit (COM) to be presented in Istanbul on behalf of this year's "Global Ali" chess festival (formerly also known as 'FIDE Chess Olympiad'). May I also encourage Ali to establish 5 additional Turkish subfederations to the global association, so that there be not only 1 but 6 Turkish chess federations in order to properly represent the importance of Turkish chess and of course Ali himself within global chess? It's about time for the best people to shine! Thank you Ali.

valg321's picture

it seems FIDE spend so much money on lawyers lately, that they had to let go their last proofreader

Harry Caray's picture

Holy cow! Let him do it, but he should be careful what he wishes for. These 7 federations have enough resources to create a rival world chess federation which could make FIDE obsolete.

valg321's picture

hey that's not a bad idea. Sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the horns

Anonymous's picture

Why should we ask for boring principles such as transparency and democracy when we can have Kirsan and Ali? Those guys are so much fun. No such amusement like the president of a global sports federation looking for his alien friends spaceship, visiting the most brutal dictators on the peak of their decline, and now this funny (ex - and-again -) vice president from Turkey! Never change a winning team :-))

valg321's picture

where are Diaz's cartoons when you need them?

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Anonymous's picture

Its horrible that this is happening to chess.
The reputation of chessplayers of being intelligent and honest is being completely destroyed by these clowns.
Chess is being made to look childish and silly, this will destroy sponsorship.

theun's picture

Chess has been wrecked for decades by this kind of losers/ peanut, haha, that 's the right word/spot on

RickM's picture

"Therefore, we ask FIDE General Assembly in Istanbul that those 7 federations must be given suspension from FIDE including players, arbiters, trainers, ratings and organising FIDE rated events, till damage is covered by those federations."

Of course, he conveniently forgets (and hopes we do too) that at least some of the money FIDE spent was SUPPLIED by those seven nations ...

Bartleby's picture

Cool. Let's see: He stops his own Grandmaster from playing chess. He wants to stop Biel. He wants to stop Dortmund. He wants to stop the London Classics. He wants to stop Hastings! He wants to stop those seriously enthusiastic St. Louis chess fanatics. He wants to stop the Georgian ladies. He wants to stop the Ukrainian team from defending their title. He wants them to pay 1'000'000 USD to an organization controlled by him and his friends.

Tarjei's picture

Not correct what you are writing about the Norwegian team. Norway IS sending a team, and Magnus was in fact willing to play. It was not a money issue.

Not sure where you got your information from. It's wrong.

Casaubon's picture

Fascinating. I'm assuming you paid for this advertising space?

Martin's picture

Good post. I hope the idea gains momentum.
FIDE's time has long come.

lol's picture

Lol. Just do it Ali! Just do it!

RG's picture


Aditya's picture

None of you have any clue of what is going on. While the greats like Kasparov and Karpov tried with all their might and failed openly to end the reign of Kirsan, Ali Nihat Yazici does it from within. Slowly but steadily he shall rid the countries of FIDE's shackles even if it costs him his reputation and job. Sacrifices that are apparent are not beautiful. The beauty lies in convincing others that you are giving up the game. To Yazici! And his devotion and offering at the chess altar!

Anonymous's picture

Passive until the end?

It actually looks like the more serious federations can't even finally find a unanimous decision and quit FIDE, which would seem in fact the due reaction after all the incredible and unfounded aggression coming from current FIDE headquarters. Ironically, they might now even get "suspended" for doing literally nothing - while in fact it should be them who set the pace for global chess. Am I missing something?

Rodzjer's picture

You are... what makes the world go round? It's dollars. The chess world is no different.
FIDE is rich and still attracts money to events, while the "rebellion" non-Third-Country chess federations are closer to being bankrupt than Barings bank.

Anonymous's picture

Not sure about actual figures, but probably a good part from the fees collected by FIDE actually comes from those "non-third-world" federations, their players and tournaments. If those seven federations were actually kicked out, probably also AGON wouldn't be exactly amused. Can you imagine the recently announced FIDE candidates' tournament or FIDE grand prix events to be held in London, Paris and Berlin if those countries were actually suspended by FIDE? This might prove slightly dificult. Not even talking about some other federations probably voluntarily quitting as well then. Good luck with attracting additional money for tournaments exclusively taking place in cities like Tashkent, Ulan Bator or Khanty-Mansyisk.

Robin's picture

Oh what a gift to be thrown out of FIDE! No more rating fees at tournaments and our national federations can use collected dues and fees for the support of a more democratic organization.

Please you petty little men, kick us out! Please!

valg321's picture

i imagine that if the german, english & french federations team up and put some serious money on the table, the rest of the smaller countries will follow

Anon's picture

Casaubon for President !! Suspend all nations from FIDE !!

Remind me again, what good is FIDE ...?

Anon's picture

Casaubon for President !! Suspend all nations from FIDE !!

Remind me again, what good is FIDE ...?

Anon's picture

Casaubon for President !! Suspend all nations from FIDE !!

Remind me again, what good is FIDE ...?

B L's picture

How embarrassing...

jussu's picture

The man is losing touch with reality and has forgotten the purpose of FIDE. It is a union of chess federations, not an establishment above those federations.

redivivo's picture

I wonder how long it will take for this Paulson guy to realise what a mistake he made when deciding to try to work with an organisation like FIDE. First he has to answer questions about Kirsan's alien abductions, then the Russian Chess Federation declares they don't allow the first GP event to be held in Russia unless they get to pick three participants, then all kinds of nutty quarrels involving people like Comical Ali.

Bartleby's picture

Simple plan: 1. Take his money. 2. Undermine his efforts. 3. Put the blame on him.
We are in step 2 now.

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