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New and full of opening novelties: Yearbook 107

Yearbook 107 has arrived! In this issue of the Chess Player's Guide to Opening News you will find answers to urgent questions like:

  • How does Tiviakov think Black should defend against the Maroczy set-up?
  • Can Black ignore White's threat of 7.Bf6 and just play 6...g6 in the Rauzer?
  • Can White play the Velimirovic Attack against the Pirc?
  • Why does Ipatov play 3...Ne4 versus the 3.Ne5 Petroff?
  • Is Marin's 6...g6 fianchetto comfortable against the Ruy Lopez with 5.d3?
  • Does Antic' 13.Nf5 kill the Classical KI with 7...ed4?
  • Has Leko busted White in the Karpov Variation of the Nimzo-Indian?
  • Can Black play the Grünfeld against the 3.f3 Anti-Grünfeld?
  • Was Ivanchuk's Budapest Gambit correct?

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