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New: Sveshnikov on the Grand Prix Attack

Our latest publication is: The Grand Prix Attack by Evgeny Sveshnikov

Evgeny Sveshnikov - The Grand Prix AttackThe Grand Prix Attack is one of White’s deadliest weapons against the Sicilian, and highly popular with tournament chess players all over the world.

Earlier publications have invariably focused on tactics. Now Evgeny Sveshnikov, one of the most respected opening experts in the world, explains the plans, the purposes and the positional impact of the various lines in a clear and systematic way.

In this comprehensive book about all lines with an early f4, Sveshnikov looks at possibilities for both colours, brings you up to date on the latest developments and presents a number of cunning new ideas, many from his own games.

Get a completely new view on attacking the Sicilian with an early f4!

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