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Weekly Endgame Study (142)

Weekly Endgame StudyEvery week we present you an endgame study selected by IM Yochanan Afek: player, trainer, endgame study composer and writer. A week later the solution is published. Good luck solving!

E. Zakon

White to play and win

Next week the solution.

Solution last week

A. Jasik

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Author: Yochanan Afek

IM Yochanan Afek is a chess player, trainer, endgame study composer and writer. His complete selection of studies can be found here.



Ramnath Bhuvanesh's picture

Simple Imagination :-

1. Ka1 !! - Kh1

(1... Kxh3 would lose automatically because then the queen checks the black king from h4 to g1 and then bring the king to win - knight passer loses
for eg. 1...Kxh3 2.Qf3+ Kh2 3.Qf2 Kh1 4.Qh4+ Kg1 5.Kb1 -king comes like this)

2.Qe4 - Kh2 ( Kg1 loses in view of Qxh7)

3. Qe5+ Kh1 4.Qd5 Kh2 (Kg1-Qxb3) 5.Qd6+ Kh1 6.Qc6 Kh2

(Kh1 -h4 and the h-pawn would move to h5 then Qh4+ becomes possible as mentioned in move 1...)

7. Qc7+ Kh1 8. Qxh7!! - g1(Q) 9.Qb1!! 1-0

(the point of 1.Kb1 - 9 moves ahead!)

sergio's picture

A now is see, you have to go to A1 with the King, i was looking to Kc1. Natural thing i thought was bringing the king in, but couldn't find a win.

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