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What would you like to ask Magnus Carlsen?

Good news: the one and only Magnus Carlsen has just confirmed that he is happy to have an interview on Tuesday with Peter Doggers, Director of Content for (and still editor-in-chief here at ChessVibes). But here's the deal: we'll let our readers ask the questions!

Please write your question below and Peter will make a selection of the best questions to be asked to Magnus, and these will be included in the interview!

Thanks for all your questions! We have more than enough, therefore we have now closed the comments.

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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


Thomas Maes's picture

My question to Magnus:
Which of the old masters inspired you or influenced the way you play chess?

Anonymous's picture

He stated quite a few times he does not have any chess hero (because he's the best of all time).

Thomas Richter's picture

Same question to Carlsen as the one I asked Aronian about 2 1/2 years ago:

How do you feel if your opponent plays 5.Re1 against the Berlin defense?

kieran's picture

What's his advice about improvement for club player ?

Brecht's picture

what rating are u talking about? this is a quite vague question to me...

Brecht's picture

1) What is your favorite place in Norway to relax ?
2) Did you ever try to play GO (Chinese board game, more difficult then chess)
3) Who do you think is the top 3 strongest players at the moment, ignoring just ELO ranking positions...
4) What did you like in India the most?

Harold Scott's picture

What chess books rank among your all-time favourites?

Brecht's picture

his answer might be : Magnus Force ;)

Brecht's picture

+1 ; i think he has no favorite, but nevertheless it's a nice question..

Viveiros's picture

Magnus, many people are saying that since you've won the title a New Era on chess is going to start. What do you think about this?

Brecht's picture

the Era is already started for two years...Magnus has dominated everyone...except Fisher...

chesspeed's picture

Which great chess player do you consider to be closer to your style of playing and where do you place yourself among the best players in the history of the game? ex. top3, top5, etc.

frenchfriez1's picture

he's former coach (kasparov) say's : "... he's a combination of karpov & fischer.." wew, how about that, what an opponent :)

Jean-Michel's picture

In an article in Norwegian press, Jon Ludvig Hammer seems to say that he was leading a team helping you with preparation. Is this correct? It is your right to do so of course, but could you explain why you would rather keep things secret in this regard even now that the match is over?

Any's picture

He has answered this. He did only talk to Jon Ludvig on skype from Norway. He did not have any seconds i Chennai.

Anonymous's picture

Correct. Before each game, Hammer would send him zip files with possible moves to consider or ignore, and they talked on Skype sometimes. He had no seconds on hand in Chennai.

Anil Philip's picture

This story you can say to a kid. Those who knows chess will not belive this story. You can make some fools all the time but you can not fool all, always.

Jean-Michel's picture

If you read the articles in Norwegian press, Carlsen did only talk to Hammer, but it sounded like Hammer himself was in contact with different people who were working with him on preparation. So while it is not a traditional team of seconds, it would still be quite interesting to learn more about this. Were these strong chessplayers? Just a bunch of Norwegians running chess engines coordinated by Hammer? Carlsen himself mentioned that he had Hammer and unnamed people to thank for his preparation.

Jean-Michel's picture

Here is the quote from Norwegian media: "23-year-old has had the help of other chess players over Skype, but have even had the main responsibility - and was the only one who has communicated with Carlsen."

And here is the Google Translate link:

Anonymous's picture

How significant is the computer for his work in chess? In particular, in computer-aided opening preparation, in specific middle- and endgame study, in general use of game databases ('clicking through games'), in preparation for specific opponents ('profiling' strengths and weaknesses, chess character traits and flaws).

Santiago's picture

My question to Magnus Carlsen is:
When you were 13 years old you said you wanted to become World Champion before 2020. At this point of your career. Do you still make your goals at long terms or do you aim to achurve goals year by year!? Congratulations on becoming the world champion btb!!! Thx

Frits Fritschy's picture

1. Press conferences directly after the games seemed a bit of a burden for the players and not overly informative for the public (you can't reveal too much in an ongoing match). What's your opinion?
2. Before the match with Topalov, you acted as a sparring partner for Anand (as he said in an interview with Frederic Friedel). Was this useful for you in this match and would you do the same as Anand did?

Alasdair Alexander's picture

What is your preferred format for teh WOrld Championship?
How much did the work you did with Anand for his previous match(es) help you decide your approach for this match?

Fox Cat's picture

Question for Magnus Carlsen:
If you were to choose to play against in the next/future world chess match, who would be the greatest challenger to fight against you? please state about three names. Thanks.

RG13's picture

I think he already said that he thinks the next challenger may be Aronian or Kramnik.

chesshire cat's picture

Do you think that one day you'll have to play a lot more mainline theory, and maybe expand your repertoire?

frenchfriez1's picture

when he does play, he always find , 2nd best, sub optimal moves, not too obvious, and even outplayed the engine :) "IMHO sub optimal moves, are haze to the opponent & chess engine (stockfish, houdini, rybka, fritz, junior, shredder, fruit, crafty :) etc "Congrats WC Carlsen.

han's picture

Congratulations Magnus! Will you speak about your chess team for the match, how were they most helpful and did you receive any off site chess advice?

Iraqi Master's picture

I have two questions:
1- Who do you think will be the winner in the next candidates?
2- What is your opinion of Morozevich playing style?

Brecht's picture

2b) what is your opinion about Ivanchuck playing style? :)

Max's picture

Given your approach to opening play (maximally pragmatic, playing anything and everything), do you think the future lies in Fisher random chess?

Anonymous's picture

who were your seconds?

G. Isola's picture

At what point in game 9 did you see your defense 28 ...Qd1 with the idea Qh5?

Chris's picture

Congratulations on becoming world champion! Are there any ambitions you still have left to achieve in chess? Or do you tend to take things one tournament at a time? (To steal a football cliche.)

bondegnasker's picture

You have said that the reason you try to avoid main lines in the opening is that you're the stronger player, so the sooner both players start thinking for themselves the better for you.

What will you do if some day someone comes along who is stronger than you? Start playing main lines?

James Roark's picture

That's an incredibly idiotic question.

bondegnasker's picture

I disagree, I think it's quite clever :-)

olav's picture

Quite the contrary.

Christoph Gerber's picture

Is it true that Magnus wants to marry Yifan Hou? If yes, when will he confess his true feelings to the public?

Brecht's picture

Keep your wet dreams for yourself please!!

Dirk's picture

You have stated a number of times that you do not enjoy playing computers. Would you nevertheless agree to a man-machine match along the lines of Karparov-Deep Blue if sponsors could be found? How do you assess your playing strength compared to those of the strongest chess engines?

Javier's picture

Where the two first games (Short draws) part of your psicological strategy on the match, to make Anand think, you won't play till the end, as you did in the following games?

Anonymous's picture

Hey, no blame on Nigel here... :-)

Anonymous's picture

From Chessgames dot com"

'when Garry Kasparov was asked who the challenger would likely be, he made the glib answer: "It will be Short and it will be short!"'

Brecht's picture

5) Who do you think will win the World Cup Football in Brazil?
6) Did Kasparov help you in your openings during the match?
7) What is your opinion about ELO rating?
8) Will you take a break from chess now and travel around the world?

Anonymous's picture

Questions; Who do you consider your most difficult opponent? Who do you consider your number one threat? Who do you

frenchfriez1's picture

1st choice, Aronian & Kramnik, 2nd choice "Caruana & Hao" :) these guys beat him in almost equal position, "because magnus push a win in drawn ending, it back fired " :)

DefconZer0's picture

My question : Magnus Carlsen has achieved everything, world championship title, number 1 ranked player, highest rated player in history, youngest GM in the world at one point, so what are your goals now ?

Anirvan Sengupta's picture

What do you think about having matches at the Candidates stage? We could have a tournament but then top two or top four would play matches at a later date to determine the challenger. We would not have minded watching a Carlsen-Kramnik match after the last Candidates Tournament ;)

Luis's picture

Will you ever play the Alekhine?
Besides the "famous" game with Topalov, you
also have a very nice rapid game against Anand
which you lost (you had several chances to draw).
I really liked this game, saw it "live on It exhibits very nice ideas of counterplay for Black.


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