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World Cup R5: Tomashevsky beats Kamsky, Kramnik also through

On Saturday two Russian grandmasters reached the semi-finals of the World Cup in Tromsø: Vladimir Kramnik and Evgeny Tomashevsky. Kramnik was under heavy pressure but held Anton Korobov to a draw, while Tomashevsky's opponent Gata Kamsky took too much risk, overpressed and then found himself in a lost position.

All photos by Paul Truong

Sports is all about winners and losers, and that's what we had today at the World Cup. There was the continuation of Tomashevsky's fairy-tale tournament, and also the unexpected and dramatic elimination of the winner of the 2007 World Cup, and former World Championship contender, Gata Kamsky.

After the quick draw on Friday, Kamsky and Tomashesky played a big game today. In an Anti-Marshall, the Russian grandmaster played an interesting novelty as Black that involved a double pawn sacrifice. When all minor pieces and one pair of rooks had left the board, it seemed that Kamsky was the only one who could win, but he couldn't really make progress, took too much risk and even lost.

Tomashevsky joined the commentary after the game, and as it turned out, he had a different opinion about the game:

I think Black was no worse. My feeling is the compensation should be enough for a draw. I analysed a similar type of position and it's much easier to play with black.

And, in fact, the computer agrees. Although White was two pawns up for a while, the evaluation never went above +0.51. But Kamsky should never have lost it, of course.

PGN string

Kramnik also joined the commentators after his game, and his reaction was the same as the day before: happy with the result, not happy with the moves.

It was quite bad. I played quite well after the time control, but what I did after the opening... I tend to become too relaxed, I wasn't concentrating enough.

In a sharp Nimzo-Indian, Leningrad Variation it was Kramnik who had an advantage, and already after 18 moves Korobov was seriously considering a draw offer. But Kramnik started to miss some things here and there, and then he ended up in an ending with rooks and opposite-coloured bishops which he considered to be "clearly lost" after move 36.

You have to disqualify me from the tournament for such a move!

Kramnik said about his 31...a6. But indeed, after the time control Korobov didn't play the strongest moves, and so it was a draw after all.

PGN string

The other two games were drawn, and so there will be two tiebreak matches tomorrow. Peter Svidler and Dmitry Andreikin were done quickly; a Caro-Kann Advance with 3...c5 soon led to an equal ending and both players were happy to postpone the real fight for another 22.5 hours.

PGN string

After surviving a difficult situation yesterday, this time it was Fabiano Caruana who had reasons to be disappointed with his draw against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. As White, the Italian won the bishop pair and also left his opponent with a weak c-pawn, but it was not enough.

PGN string

Results round 5


Pairings semi-finals

Tomashevsky - Andreikin/Svidler
Vachier-Lagrave/Caruana - Kramnik

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Unanimous's picture

The Professor takes Gata to school!

Montcalm's picture

Did you guys understand the clash between Susan Polgar and Short on Twitter? about Kramnik?

Montcalm's picture

OK Maybe Short made a mistake by telling the audience Repkova was Kramnik's ex gf, but Polgar twitting about it and making a case just for her personnal benefit (to get the comment for the Olympiads) is disgusting. I were Kramnik id be more mad at her. Like Kramnik's wife is seeing her husband's ex gf travelling to his hotel! Seriously?

Anonymous's picture

Plus 19

6packabs's picture

It was not mentioning that she was his ex - it was the nasty story reminding her she couldn't beat Sveshnikov despite being 2 pawns up in a French - and then using that as a barbed comment in Kramnik's reply to Sveshnikov's criticism of him. You saw the clip, right?

Mother Russia's picture

A good day for Mother Russia. The French and Italian pretenders won't last very long.

Anonymous's picture

dream on Baby blue

Alexander's picture

Kramnik miraculously scaped today. I think that this is champion's luck :D

Kasmky just did an horrible move. How can it be explained?

Tomorrow, great tie-breaks. Go Vlad..

RG13's picture

If he didn't commit such horrible blunders then he would have beaten Topalov in their match - clearly he is at least as talented as Topalov.

Kadur's picture

One Blunder it's human , but the next sequence :

The Houdini evaluation goes from :34.Qd1 (-0.18) 35.b4 (-0.8) 36.Qd4 (-4.22) 37.Kf1 (-16.39) 38.Kg2 (-1000) !!!

I never saw such thing in my life . Feel sorry for Gata ,he played inspiring games against Mame , pity that he is eliminated .

Go Svidler ! (go go go)

Thomas Oliver's picture

"I never saw such thing in my life."
I cannot come up with a specific example, but I am pretty sure it happened before. Formally, it was a series of blunders by Kamsky, but it rather was one wrong concept: thinking that he can control the h-pawn with his king (true but it involves a "king sacrifice"). Once down the wrong path, being low on time he couldn't double-check and switch to damage control mode.

Kadur's picture

1.I had short life
2.Of course i mean at high level chess (top 20)
3.I didn't notice the time trouble

NN's picture

3/4 Russians in the semifinals, 25/128 at the beginning.

Anonymous's picture

Maybe 2/2 in the Finals, just like last time (Svidler vs Grischuk).

Anonymous's picture

Yes indeed, to be just one step closer to fight a Indian or Norwegian world champion.

hansie's picture

If the Russian Andreikin manages to win this World Cup, he would have done so after having successively defeating FIVE Russians in the Final Five Rounds.

Its already 2/8 Russians in the next Candidates. If Kramnik manages to reach World Cup Final, Grischuk wins final leg of Grand Prix outright, and Russia hosts the Candidates, it would be 5/8 Russians in the next Candidates.

Morley's picture

Nice game by Evgeny, though Gata did implode at the end. The Russian has faced the hardest opposition so far, all GMs with an average rating of around 2700. Question: has Tomashevsky scheduled to play in Poikovsky; I assume he won't be, since making it to the final four here will conflict?

I think Peter and Maxime are the favorites in the tiebreak, Svidler not by much though. MVL has been ruthless in the only tiebreak he has had to play so far, against Gelfand, and Caruana has time management issues even in classical.

Anonymous's picture

Morley i like your maths ! but i would say that andreikin will get svidler in the tie breaks, he is a sneaky little brat :)

Thomas Oliver's picture

The way Andreikin busted Karjakin in tiebreaks (and the way he dominated the rapid tiebreak of a Russian championship), he should also be favorite against Svidler - even if his previous World Cup tiebreak against Dreev was fairly 'random'. Nakamura actually has Andreikin as secret favorite to win the entire event - I tend to disagree with him but see his point.

In four previous editions, noone won the World Cup twice, and only Ponomariov reached the final twice. Was this a problem for Kamsky, will this be a problem for Svidler?

strana's picture

No, Andreikin will beat Svidler and then a Saratov match in the semis : Andreikin x Tomashevsky.

Anonymous's picture

Russian website said Motylev is taking Tomashevsky's place at Poikovsky.

Anonymous's picture

told you Morley ! Andreikin blew out Svidler

Anonymous's picture

It is some form of russian chess conspiracy of course. This hasn't changed from times when they were poor, to now times when they are all rich.

Anon's picture

There are no cheaters in chess, everybody is gentleman, you can see from their faces. Everybody who was accused was not proven wrongdoing. Punishments for suspicions only are not good for the game.

Bas1191's picture

Great tournament, great coverage on the internet. Must say I preferred SP & LT a lot as commentators compared to DJtG & NS. Short is just to much engaged showing off his expertise to alle the players visiting the studio. And the way they completely ignored their guest Eva Repkova furing the last 15 miinutes of the broadcast, without even saying thanx or goodbye at the end, is definitely not a show of good manners, to put it mildly

steve's picture

I agree totally w.r.t. Eva Repkova. Why invite her as a guest and then just ignore her, other than making reference to her being Kramnik's former girlfriend.

BTW, I always love Kramnik's analysis. Hope he prevails, though they're all deserving.

steve's picture

Totally agree w.r.t. Eva Repkova. Why invite her as a guest and then ignore her other than relating a story about her and Kramnik.

Chess Fan's picture

Nigel Short and manners, just like Nigel Short and top level last 19 years, do not go together. He is fit only to play in the Canadian, Greek, South American, or African tournaments, and not fit to comment anywhere.
I am saying this from first hand experience.

redivivo's picture

To me MVL is clear favourite in tiebreak against weaker blitzer Caruana, my guess is Andreikin vs Tomashevsky and MVL vs Kramnik in the semis.

no f's's picture

why is nosher l git such a tosspot?

Unanimous's picture

Nigel, is that you?

Anon's picture

I am sure 99 per-cent the players have internal formula for splitting money, so they dont get heart attack after blundering a pawn and losing the game worth tens of thousands of dollars. What is the formula?

Anonymous's picture

Is it legal letting chess players register for another country to play without being citizen? Its not the same like to register for football club in another country??

Daaim Shabazz's picture

Who are you referring to? I believe Caruana has dual citizenship... US and Italy.

Anonymous's picture

Nobody by person. In olympiad many players are playing for countries are not their citizens.

Anonymous's picture

This means rich can buy-pay strong players to represent country and poor cannot buy anyone.
Sorry, I made mistake to post down instead of reply.

Daaim Shabazz's picture

Not sure what cases you are referring to. I know of a few wierd cases like Evgeny Ermenkov playing for Palestine, but if you are talking about strong countries, it does not happen often. If you are referring to Alexander Iptov who represents Turkey, but still lives in the Ukraine, then it may be one of a few cases.

Anonymous's picture

There are hundreds of strong players playing for foreign countries, even switching back and forth. GM Beliyavsky, GM Hoang Trang, Just check the official transfers lists to see them all.

Bitmap's picture

There is such a thing as a "FIDE-citizenship", i.e. the federation you belong to. You can be citizen of one country, but belong to the federation of a different country. Shirov still has Spanish citizenship, but he plays for Latvia

commentator's picture

nigel short is a terrible commentator, just an arrogant tit showing off. susan polgar and trent were FANTASTIC and ACCESSIBLE to ALL players

Anonymous's picture

why? Short had guts to challenge kramnik live today to show him how to win in bishop endgame when he thought position was draw.

Anon's picture

Maybe Polgar and Trent were too expensive to hire for the whole event? I am almost sure they are not doing it for free?!

Unanimous's picture

But how can you dislike "Arthur the a-pawn" and "Harry the Horse"?

smss01's picture

Yeah!! Anybody knows whether there is some background of these terms?

KingTal's picture

Can´t agree with that, I kinda like the pace of Short explaining things. In contrary to Trent he does actually have a clue and is not that annoying imo. Also I think it is good that Short tries to argue with the players about certain positions because sometimes the players tend to downplay their end positions because they just didn´t want to play on and agreed to a draw...

steve's picture

I thought short did a good job and he's full of entertaining anecdotes (one of which pissed off susan polgar). I probably preferred the polgar/trent duo more, both of whom I'd give high praise (I didn't find trent clueless, as someone suggested).

Anonymous's picture

This means rich can buy-pay strong players to represent country and poor cannot buy anyone.

Fishy's picture

Kramnik-Svidler final would be great! :D

Anonymous's picture

For me Tomashevksy is fantastic player to see in finals.

Isaac Hunt's picture

I think Short is OK as a commentator, the sense of humor and expertise compensate for the smugness. He is also a MCP and that bit about Eva Repkova was very distasteful. Susan rightly pointed so already


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